Edith Mary Moore

Standard Name: Moore, Edith Mary
Birth Name: Edith Mary Croucher
Indexed Name: Mary Moore
Indexed Name: Edith Moore
Indexed Name: Edith Mary Croucher Moore
EMM , early twentieth-century novelist, also published, years after the virtual end of her career in fiction, non-fictional works including a long essay or brief treatise on the relations between women and men. Her novels take up issues of modern urbanism, inequity, sex roles, reform, and idealism. Well-thought-of by reviewers although apparently never doing well in sales, her works are now rare, and have been totally forgotten since her death.


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Moore, Edith Mary. The Idealist and Mary Treherne. George Allen and Sons, 1910.
Moore, Edith Mary. The Lure of Eve. Cassell and Co., 1909.
Moore, Edith Mary. The Spirit and the Law. Chapman and Hall, 1916.
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