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Publishing Josephine Tey
The play was published that year by Victor Gollancz in London and by Little, Brown in Boston.
Tey, Josephine. Richard of Bordeaux. Little, Brown.
Samuel French , Longmans , Penguin , and Pan all published editions of it between 1935 and 1966.
Harben, Niloufer. Twentieth-Century English History Plays: from Shaw to Bond. Macmillan.
Publishing Rebecca West
Over the next two decades RW published several revised and updated versions of this work. In 1956 Pan Books (London) published a new edition of The Meaning of Treason in which West eliminated some discussion...
Publishing Nell Dunn
This work began from nothing more than the intention of doing some investigative journalism. It became a success, and Pan Books issued paperback editions of it and ND 's next two novels with arresting model-girl...
Publishing Elizabeth Jane Howard
She submitted the manuscript to the Ouspensky Society , of which she was at the time a member, and they insisted on some insignificant cuts. She was finding she could not make a living on...
Publishing Naomi Jacob
She revised this work for a Pan Books edition of 1952.
British Library Catalogue.
Publishing F. Tennyson Jesse
Knopf published the work in New York that same year. In 1952, George Harrap issued a new edition, as did Pan Books in 1958.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Colenbrander, Joanna. A Portrait of Fryn. A. Deutsch.
Publishing Pamela Hansford Johnson
This began a second trilogy (completed in An Impossible Marriage, 1954, and The Last Resort, 1956) which is held together by themes, instead of characters, which carry over from one book to the...
Publishing Sheila Kaye-Smith
It was reprinted in a Pan paperback selling for one shilling and sixpence in 1950.
Textual Production Olivia Manning
In 1971 OM edited a volume of Romanian Short Stories for Oxford University Press . She also wrote an introduction for a Pan edition of Austen 's Northanger Abbey, published in 1979.
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
Textual Production Nell Dunn
ND published another novel, The Incurable. The Pan Books paperback two years later was entitled Incurable
Berney, Kathryn A., editor. Contemporary Dramatists. St James Press.
Textual Production Anna Kavan
This Pan paperback collection met the need of a recrudescence of interest in AK more than twenty years after her death.


1944: Hodder and Stoughton, along with Alan Bott...

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Hodder and Stoughton , along with Alan Bott of the Book Society , founded Pan Books Limited , with Aubrey Forshaw as the managing director.


Kavan, Anna. My Madness: The Selected Writings of Anna Kavan. Pan, 1990.