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Anthologization Maggie Gee
Her recent chapters in books include Beyond Ending in Bill Bryson 's Seeing Further: The Story of Science and the Royal Society, 2010 (whose other contributors include Margaret Atwood and David Attenborough ), Living...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Isham
Their brother, later Sir Justinian Isham (1611-75), became a royalist during the Civil War and a founder member of the Royal Society . He married in 1634, and his wife, Jane, had five babies (all...
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Margaretta Larpent
AML 's father, Sir James Porter , who as a young man had gone into business after a comparatively scanty education, later became a distinguished diplomat (he was British Ambassador at Constantinople when Anna Margaretta...
Family and Intimate relationships Deborah Norris Logan
George was grandson of James Logan , a wealthy Philadelphian fur trader, scientist and bibliophile. In England on a visit at the time of an eclipse of the sun on 22 May 1724, James wrote...
Family and Intimate relationships Bathsua Makin
Her father, Henry Reginald , was a schoolmaster in the parish of St Mary Axe, London, an author, and a friend of the poet Michael Drayton . He was reasonably prosperous, intellectually active, and...
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Atkins
Anna's father, John George Children , was an amateur scientist during his years as a gentleman of leisure, and made a living from scientific work when that became necessary. He was twice Secretary of the...
Family and Intimate relationships Florence Marryat
Captain Frederick Marryat , FM 's father, was a distinguished naval officer renowned for conspicuous gallantry, a Fellow of the Royal Society and member of the Légion d'Honneur , a spectacular success as a novelist...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary More
Her son, Richard Waller , was an artist, poet, and natural philosopher or scientist. He served as Secretary to the Royal Society from 1687 to 1709, and edited posthumous works by Robert Hooke .
Makin, Bathsua, Mary More, and Robert Whitehall. Educating English Daughters. Teague, Frances, Margaret J. M. Ezell, and Jessica WalkerEditors , Iter Academic Press; Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2016.
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Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Family and Intimate relationships Mary More
MM ' daughter, Elizabeth , was seventeen when she was married, on 17 April 1680, to Alexander Pitfield , a close friend and associate of her brother. Pitfield was treasurer to the Royal Society from...
Family and Intimate relationships Selina Davenport
Her father, Captain Charles Granville Wheler , was a great-nephew of Sir George Wheler , a traveller, clergyman, scholar, and early member of the Royal Society , who had a family estate in Kent. (...
Family and Intimate relationships E. A. Dillwyn
Lewis Weston Dillwyn , EAD 's paternal grandfather and the Quaker son of a famous abolitionist, owned the Cambrian pottery in Swansea. In 1804 he became a fellow of the Royal Society on the...
Family and Intimate relationships Judith Drake
Judith was married to James Drake : Fellow of the Royal Society , physician and writer on medicine and politics, and they had at least two children, one of each sex.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Nihell
By 1754 she was back in London with her husband, who was apparently the James Nihell , surgeon-apothecary and Fellow of the Royal Society , from a distinguished medical family, who died on 1 June...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Stewart
While she was successfully pursuing her writing, he was building up the University of Edinburgh 's Earth Science department, tripling its size. Among his many accomplishments and honours, he was elected a Fellow of the...
Friends, Associates Mary Somerville
In London the Somervilles enjoyed participating in a rich scientific community: Mary's time there was much happier than during her first marriage. She attended many lectures at the Royal Institution , and took lessons in...


18 May 1661
The group which later became the Royal Society received its first gift of a rarity for its Repository.
15 July 1662
The Royal Society was chartered by the king from the existing philosophic society centred on Gresham's College .
15 October 1662
John Evelyn made a presentation to the Royal Society on the deforestation of England and the need to plant trees; this was the germ of his Sylva, Or A Discourse Of Forest Trees, which...
The Royal Society , founded the previous year, published its first number of Philosophical Transactions, the earliest scientific journal.
Martha Taylor attracted attention for fasting: the first published account, largely in her own words, presented her abstinence as holy; an account for the Royal Society attacked both this text and Taylor herself.
28 January 1684
The DublinPhilosophical Society , recently founded on the model of the Royal Society of London, met to formulate rules and draw up its first list of members.
5 July 1687
Sir Isaac Newton published Philosophiæ naturalis principia mathematica; it was the first work on the movements of the planets to back its statements with detailed mathematical calculations.
Hans Sloane , later President of the Royal Society , published the first volume of the work generally called Natural History of Jamaica, with its short, casual account of slavery, detailing but defending the...
James Jurin , Secretary of the Royal Society , published a pioneering work of statistical analysis, A Letter to the Learned Caleb Cotesworth . . . Containing A Comparison Between the Morality of the Natural...
20 November 1753
The Royal Society conferred its gold medal on Benjamin Franklin for his experiments with electricity.
The Royal Society received another account of a young woman refusing food, that of Janet Macleod of the county of Ross in Scotland, who had what was called an epileptic fit at fifteen...
22 October 1786
The Royal Society heard a paper on the practice of measuring babies' birthweights: for the first time in Britain, at a Dublin Lying-in Hospital.
Catherine Gilbert , daughter of Davies Gilbert (President of the Royal Society from 1828-1831), conducted most of the work of the small private printing press established by her father in their home at Eastbourne.
Charles Babbage published Reflections on the Decline of Science in England, an excoriating attack on the Royal Society and a call for science to be given a leadership role in British society, with proper...
The Royal Society , considered the leading institution of natural science in Britain, started the publication of Proceedings of the Royal Society, which featured abstracts of members' papers.