Benjamin Franklin

Standard Name: Franklin, Benjamin


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Dedications Phillis Wheatley
She planned to dedicate it to Benjamin Franklin , and to charge subscribers twelve pounds for bound and nine for unbound copies (an indication that colonial prices were higher than those in Britain).
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Graeme Ferguson
An engagement to William Franklin , natural son of Benjamin Franklin , ended, painfully for her, in his marriage to somebody else.
Garraty, John A., and Mark C. Carnes, editors. American National Biography. Oxford University Press.
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Jane Vardill
AJV 's father, John Vardill , was born in the American colonies in 1749 and educated at King's College , New York (the forerunner of Columbia University). In 1773 he became Professor of Natural Law...
Friends, Associates Phillis Wheatley
Her enumeration of those she met in London is impressive, including several noblemen, Benjamin Franklin , the scientist Daniel Solander , the religious poet and hymn-writer Thomas Gibbons , the abolitionist Granville Sharp (who took...
Friends, Associates Susanna Wright
Her friendships, largely maintained by correspondence, took in many of the eminent men of the day: Benjamin Franklin , James Logan , Benjamin Rush , and the historian Robert Proud . Most of these visited...
Friends, Associates Ann Radcliffe
While staying with her uncle Thomas Bentley at Chelsea, Ann Ward (later AR ) met a number of influential men, most of them with Dissenting connections: Joseph Banks , George Fordyce , Ralph Griffiths ,...
Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Murray
The Guide to Scotland opens with instructions: Provide yourself with a strong roomy carriage, and have the springs well corded; have also a stop-pole and strong chain to the chaise. Take with you linch-pins, and...
Occupation Susanna Wright
SW became widely known for her various activities. She not only took care of her family (and later the family of her brother James) but also raised silkworms on a large scale, and was regarded...
Publishing Sarah, Lady Pennington
She appended her signature in the same form as before, S. Pennington, to her preface. The subscribers are a highly impressive collection in terms of social status; few writers subscribed and those, like Lord Chesterfield
Textual Features Deborah Norris Logan
She described its large, handsome garden as a magnet for visitors, the meetings of the Assembly of Pennsylvania there when Isaac Norris was Speaker and too infirm to attend elsewhere, its fortunes during the war...
Textual Features Bessie Rayner Parkes
BRP 's essays in this volume include The Two Fredericks and Franklin 's America.
Thesing, William B., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 240. Gale Research.
240: 189
Textual Production Susanna Wright
A few of SW 's numerous letters have reached print: among the papers of Benjamin Franklin , for example.
Textual Production Susanna Wright
SW is said to have had a hand (with her brother James ) in a pamphlet published in 1763 and generally attributed to Benjamin Franklin , defending the native Indians and condemning a recent massacre...
Textual Production Tabitha Tenney
TT dedicated her work to all Columbian Young Ladies who read Novels & Romances, and headed it with a Latin proverb translated as Learn to be wise by others harm, / and you shall do...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Mary Augusta Ward
The contemporary story features a self-educated working-class intellectual and freethinker whose characterisation draws on many strands of thought of the day. Drawn after the model of self-made men such as Daniel Macmillan , William Lovett


19 December 1732: Benjamin Franklin published the first issue...

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19 December 1732

Benjamin Franklin published the first issue of Poor Richard'sAlmanac, which went on to sell nearly ten thousand copies a year.
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19 December 2012

About 1739: The young Scotsman William Strahan became...

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About 1739

The young Scotsman William Strahan became a partner in the publishing firm of his compatriot Andrew Millar .

20 November 1753: The Royal Society conferred its gold medal...

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20 November 1753

The Royal Society conferred its gold medal on Benjamin Franklin for his experiments with electricity.

17 December 1765: The king's speech in the House of Commons...

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17 December 1765

The king's speech in the House of Commons mentioned that matters of importance had occurred in America and made anodyne promises of diligence and attention.
Thomas, Peter David Garner. British Politics and the Stamp Act Crisis: The First Phase of the American Revolution, 1763-1767. Clarendon.

June 1772: Boston radicals agitated for the dismissal...

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June 1772

Boston radicals agitated for the dismissal of Thomas Hutchinson , Governor of Massachusetts, after confidential letters by him were leaked.

20 March 1778: Louis XVI of France received American commissioners...

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20 March 1778

Louis XVI of France received American commissioners Benjamin Franklin , Silas Deane , and Arthur Lee .


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