Charles Babbage

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Friends, Associates Elizabeth Rigby
ER appeared in public as Mrs Eastlake for the first time at the house of Lady Davy , where she was introduced to Augusta Ada Byron (Byron's daughter) and to Thackeray . At London parties...
Friends, Associates Mary Somerville
MS became a friend and mathematical advisor to Ada Byron ; Ada probably met Charles Babbage (whose calculating machine she became the first to programme) through the Somervilles.
Patterson, Elizabeth Chambers. Mary Somerville and the Cultivation of Science, 1815-1840. Martinus Nijhoff.
148-9, 180
Friends, Associates Mary Somerville
In London the Somervilles enjoyed participating in a rich scientific community: Mary's time there was much happier than during her first marriage. She attended many lectures at the Royal Institution , and took lessons in...
Friends, Associates Augusta Ada Byron
AAB remained close friends with Mary Somerville's family, and particularly with her eldest son by her first marriage, Woronzow Greig , for the rest of her life. Somerville not only fostered Ada's mathematical aptitude, but...
Instructor Augusta Ada Byron
Lady Byron employed a number of governesses to educate the young AAB at their various country homes. From the age of five Ada received full-time instruction in arithmetic, grammar, spelling, reading, music, geography, drawing, and...
Literary responses Augusta Ada Byron
AAB also has a significant web presence. The Ada Project , originally located at Yale and an official project of the Association for Computer Machinery 's Committee on the Status of Women in Computing, is...
Occupation Augusta Ada Byron
AAB first met inventor Charles Babbage , whose early computer she later became the first to program.
Byron, Augusta Ada. Ada, The Enchantress of Numbers. Editor Toole, Betty A., Strawberry Press.
Woolley, Benjamin. The Bride of Science: Romance, Reason and Byron’s Daughter. Macmillan.
Author summary Augusta Ada Byron
AAB 's sole publication is A Sketch of the Analytical Engine, her highly praised explication and illustration of Charles Babbage 's Analytical Engine. Many now claim that her Sketch constitutes the first example of...
Publishing Augusta Ada Byron
Augusta Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace , published A Sketch of the Analytical Engine, a translation from Luigi Menabrea 's work on Charles Babbage 's Analytical Engine. Her annotations tripled the length of the original.
Byron, Augusta Ada. Ada, The Enchantress of Numbers. Editor Toole, Betty A., Strawberry Press.
Baum, Joan. The Calculating Passion of Ada Byron. Archon Books.
1, 67
Reception Augusta Ada Byron
On the date designated as Ada Lovelace Day, a small exhibition opened at the Science Museum in London. The portraits, letters, and artefacts on display include a Jacquard loom of the punchcard type that...
Textual Production Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
BBBD was a conscientious and entertaining letter-writer with a large circle of correspondents. The Plymouth and West Devon Record Office holds a collection of her correspondence from the 1840s with Frances Parker, Countess of Morley
Textual Production Augusta Ada Byron
Babbage 's Analytical Engine was a forerunner of the modern computer (which was not built until the late twentieth century, although Babbage drafted more than thirty volumes of plans and designs for it during the...


1750: The progressive Pope Benedict XIV appointed...

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The progressive Pope Benedict XIV appointed a woman, Maria Gaetana Agnesi (1718-99), as professor of mathematics at the University of Bologna .

1822: Charles Babbage developed his Difference...

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Charles Babbage developed his Difference Engine, a machine for calculating values of logarithms and trigonometric functions.

1830: Charles Babbage published Reflections on...

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Charles Babbage published Reflections on the Decline of Science in England, an excoriating attack on the Royal Society and a call for science to be given a leadership role in British society, with proper...

27 September 1831: The British Association for the Advancement...

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27 September 1831

The British Association for the Advancement of Science (BAAS) was founded at a meeting in York.

Autumn 1834: Charles Babbage envisioned the Analytical...

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Autumn 1834

Charles Babbage envisioned the Analytical Engine or calculating machine, an advance on his previous work on the Difference Engine and precursor to the modern computer.


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