Frederick Marryat

Standard Name: Marryat, Frederick


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Education Susan Tweedsmuir
She was, however, always reading as a child: she and her sister had few books, but knew by heart whole chapters of the ones they did have. As a child Susan hated Mrs Mortimer 's...
Education Annie Besant
AB was educated at Fern Hill in Dorset by Evangelist Ellen Marryat , sister of novelist Captain Frederick Marryat and therefore aunt of his daughter Florence , also a noted writer. AB studied geography, Latin...
Education Lucille Iremonger
Lucille wrote, Both my parents were great chastisers, she with a hairbrush, he with a razor-strop, and both, later, with the thin and supple cane. I think most parents did a bit of chastising in...
Family and Intimate relationships Florence Marryat
Captain Frederick Marryat , FM 's father, was a distinguished naval officer renowned for conspicuous gallantry, a Fellow of the Royal Society and member of the Légion d'Honneur , a spectacular success as a novelist...
Friends, Associates Anna Brownell Jameson
Besides her time in the USA with Fanny Kemble , Catherine Sedgwick , and William Channing , ABJ made the acquaintance of Frederick Marryat , whose advice on publishing matters she appreciated.
Thomas, Clara. Love and Work Enough: The Life of Anna Jameson. University of Toronto Press.
Intertextuality and Influence Lucy Walford
An interesting textual allusion comes early in the novel when the youngest sister reluctantly puts down Captain Marryat 's Children of the New Forest to entertain the ordinary everyday visitor
Walford, Lucy. Cousins. William Blackwood and Sons.
who will eventually become...
Literary responses Florence Marryat
William Lush in his Athenæum review opened by invoking the reputation of FM 's father , and judged that his daughter's first experiment in fiction was exceedingly good, showing great descriptive power and commanding...
Textual Production Florence Marryat
FM 's non-fiction works include the travel book 'Gup', Sketches of Anglo-Indian Life and Character, 1868, and her Life and Letters of Captain Marryat, 1872. 'Gup' appeared serially in Temple Bar before...
Textual Production Mary Wesley
As a small child Mary Farmar (later MW ) spent hours telling herself stories set in particular locations derived from her reading of the Baroness Orczy , Robert Louis Stevenson , and Frederick Marryat ...
Textual Production Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington
This work involved her in finding—and engaging in voluminous correspondence with—contributors (who often were or became her personal friends), such as Anna Maria Hall , Felicia Hemans , Amelia Opie , Mary Russell Mitford ,...
Travel Florence Marryat
FM made, as a performer, a tour of the USA about which she later published a book: her father , too, had travelled North America and written of it in A Diary in America, with...


10 July 1792: Captain Frederick Marryat, novelist and father...

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10 July 1792

Captain Frederick Marryat , novelist and father of Florence Marryat , was born in Great George Street, Westminster.

14 March 1829: Captain Frederick Marryat anonymously published...

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14 March 1829

Captain Frederick Marryat anonymously published his first novel, The Naval Officer; or, Scenes and Adventures in the Life of Frank Mildmay.

1831: The Metropolitan Magazine began publication;...

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The Metropolitan Magazine began publication; it set a precedent by publishing the first serial fiction in an English periodical.

6 July 1839: In A Diary in America, Frederick Marryat...

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6 July 1839

In A Diary in America, Frederick Marryat promoted the stereotype that middle-class Americans adhered to a more strict paradigm of prudishness than their British counterparts, and apparently gave rise to the myth that Victorians...

May 1841: Captain Frederick Marryat published volume...

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May 1841

Captain Frederick Marryat published volume one of his first children's book, Masterman Ready, Or The Wreck of the Pacific.

By 24 April 1847: Captain Frederick Marryat published Children...

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By 24 April 1847

Captain Frederick Marryat published Children of the New Forest, his last and most popular novel.

9 August 1848: Captain Frederick Marryat, novelist and father...

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9 August 1848

Captain Frederick Marryat , novelist and father of Florence Marryat , died at Langham, Norfolk.


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