Florence Marryat

Standard Name: Marryat, Florence
Birth Name: Florence Marryat
Self-constructed Name: Florence Marryat (Mrs Ross Church)
Married Name: Florence Church
Married Name: Florence Lean
FM , who published about eighty books during the later nineteenth century, was primarily a novelist (known for fiction that plays about the borders of the supernatural, in spiritualist and vampire novels) and also a playwright and travel writer.
Black and white, head-and-shoulders photograph of Florence Marryat. She is wearing a dark velvet dress with a square lace collar. Her hair is worn in a bun; earrings dangle from her ears, and a necklace is tied tightly around her neck with a black ribbon. She holds a fan against her chest. Her name appears below in capitals in the form "Miss Florence Marryatt".
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Education Annie Besant
AB was educated at Fern Hill in Dorset by Evangelist Ellen Marryat , sister of novelist Captain Frederick Marryat and therefore aunt of his daughter Florence , also a noted writer. AB studied geography, Latin...
Friends, Associates Charlotte Riddell
In her days of success, CR was generous to those just starting out. She helped the nineteen-year-old illustrator Harry Furniss when he first arrived in London from Ireland, giving him an introduction to Florence Marryat
Intertextuality and Influence Stella Gibbons
The novel is richly intertextual. Jane Austen is a source of inspiration: Flora's sole occupational goal for the next thirty years is to collect material for a novel as good as Persuasion, but with...
Literary responses Mary Elizabeth Braddon
His article, Sensation Novelists: Miss Braddon, which covered seven novels she had published since 1862, made a famous personal attack in asserting that her work evidenced familiarity with a very low type of female...
Publishing Helen Mathers
HM collaborated with Florence Marryat , Julia Frankau , Frances Eleanor Trollope , Conan Doyle , Bram Stoker , Justin H. McCarthy , Joseph Hatton , and others in a serial novel, The Fate of Fenella, in The Gentlewoman.
Maunder, Andrew. “Introduction”. The Fate of Fenella, Valancourt Books, 2008, p. vii - xxiii.
Mathers, Helen, Justin Huntly McCarthy, Frances Eleanor Trollope, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, May Crommelin, F. C. Philips, Margaret Humphreys, Joseph Hatton, Caroline Emily Lovett Cameron, Bram Stoker, Florence Marryat, Frank Danby, Mrs Edward Kennard, Richard Dowling, Margaret Hungerford, Arthur A. Beckett, Jean Middlemass, Clement Scott, Clotilde Graves, H. W. Lucy, Adeline Sergeant, G. Manville Fenn, Jessie Courvreur, and F. Anstey. The Fate of Fenella. Cassell, 1892.
“Summary of News”. The British Architect, pp. 407 - 8.
Textual Production May Crommelin
Textual Production Clotilde Graves
The others in the venture were Benjamin Leopold Farjeon , Florence Marryat , G. Manville Fenn , Rosa Praed , Justin Huntly McCarthy , and Clement Scott .
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Geraldine Jewsbury
GJ disliked the fashion in the 1850s for heroines who were fallen women. In her 1859 review of Henry Gladwyn Jebb 's Out of the Depths: the Story of a Woman's Life, she wrote:...


10 July 1792
Captain Frederick Marryat , novelist and father of Florence Marryat , was born in Great George Street, Westminster.
9 August 1848
Captain Frederick Marryat , novelist and father of Florence Marryat , died at Langham, Norfolk.
London Society, a cheap imitation of Cornhill Magazine, began publication, with lavish illustrations and low-grade fiction.
John Maxwell sold Belgravia to Chatto and Windus , ending Mary Elizabeth Braddon 's association with the monthly.
18 October 1929
The Judicial Committee of the Imperial Privy Council ruled in the Persons Case that women were eligible to sit in the Canadian Senate .