Robert Hooke

Standard Name: Hooke, Robert


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary More
Her son, Richard Waller , was an artist, poet, and natural philosopher or scientist. He served as Secretary to the Royal Society from 1687 to 1709, and edited posthumous works by Robert Hooke .
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Friends, Associates Mary More
MM 's friends included, in London, a number of scientists or natural philosophers: inventor Robert Hooke (who often visited her, and with whom she discussed dreams), physician and collector Sir Hans Sloane , and scholar...
Occupation Sir Isaac Newton
The telescope brought him fame and an invitation to join the Royal Society , though it also brought an acrimonious controversy with Robert Hooke .


Robert Hooke offered in Micrographia, as its title explains, both physiological descriptions of minute bodies made by magnifying glasses and also observations and inquiries, that is, scientific speculations and hypotheses.
Following the Great Fire of London, Robert Hooke designed the new Bedlam Hospital in Moorfields, London.