Anna Margaretta Larpent

Standard Name: Larpent, Anna Margaretta
Birth Name: Anna Margaretta Porter
Married Name: Anna Margaretta Larpent
AML wrote a diary from the age of fifteen, which extended to span fifty years of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. She became a commentator on every kind of social and cultural activity: especially, in view of her husband's post as Licenser of Plays, on the theatre.


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Publishing Eliza Parsons
She gave her name as Mrs. Parsons on the title-page and signed the dedication with both her names.
Garside, Peter et al., editors. The English Novel 1770-1829. Oxford University Press.
1: 512
A title-page epigraph reads: Brutus said Virtue was but a name—tis more. ....
Textual Production Anne Plumptre
Her version of La Perouse was refused a licence, on political grounds, by the censor John Larpent (husband of Anna Margaretta Larpent ). The Natural Son, 1798, was her translation of Das Kind der...
Textual Production Mariana Starke
A lost tragedy by MS entitled The British Orphans was performed at Mary Champion de Crespigny 's private theatre in Camberwell near London.
Anna Margaretta Larpent , diarist and wife of the official Examiner...
Textual Production Eglinton Wallace
EW 's The Whim, A Comedy, having been, most unusually, denied a licence by John Larpent , the official censor (husband of the diarist Anna Margaretta Larpent ), was printed at Margate in Kent...


July 1765: Elizabeth Parker, an independent widow of...

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July 1765

Elizabeth Parker , an independent widow of Alkincoats in Lancashire and an energetic diarist, eloped to Gretna Green with John Shackleton , a much younger merchant: this proved a very bad choice.

April 1776: Elizabeth Chudleigh was tried for bigamy...

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April 1776

Elizabeth Chudleigh was tried for bigamy in her second marriage, to the late Duke of Kingston : she was found guilty but, her first husband being now a peer, she escaped the punishment of branding...


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