E. A. Dillwyn

Standard Name: Dillwyn, E. A.
Birth Name: Elizabeth Amy Dillwyn
Indexed Name: E. A. Dillwyn
Pseudonym: The Author of The Rebecca Rioter
EAD published six novels between 1880 and 1892: these novels combine murders and melodrama with serious treatment of the need for social reform and of the intelligent woman's search for a meaningful place in society. She also wrote reviews for The Spectator. She abandoned writing when she inherited her father's debt-ridden spelter works factory in 1892 and embarked on a successful business career which made her briefly famous.


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1843: The Rebecca Riots took place near Newport...

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The Rebecca Riots took place near Newport in South Wales; the rioters were protesting against the Poor Law Amendment Act and turnpike tolls, among other things.


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