Sir Hans Sloane

Standard Name: Sloane, Sir Hans


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Friends, Associates Mary More
MM 's friends included, in London, a number of scientists or natural philosophers: inventor Robert Hooke (who often visited her, and with whom she discussed dreams), physician and collector Sir Hans Sloane , and scholar...
Friends, Associates Jane Squire
It is probable that JS was never taken seriously by the public men whom she badgered about her ideas: Admiral Lord Torrington , Sir Thomas Hanmer , Lord Berkeley , Sir John Jennings , Sir Charles Wager
Occupation Judith Drake
JD , practising medicine, had a complaint lodged against her by an aggrieved patient (for allegedly practising without proper qualifications) with Sir Hans Sloane .
“The British Library Manuscripts Catalogue”. The British Library Website.
Textual Features Judith Drake
JD 's letter of self-defence to Sir Hans Sloane , written on 1 September 1723 and sketching the nature and scope of her medical practice, shows a clear head, a blend of professional confidence with...


1707: Hans Sloane, later President of the Royal...

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Hans Sloane , later President of the Royal Society , published the first volume of the work generally called Natural History of Jamaica, with its short, casual account of slavery, detailing but defending the...

1722: Sir Hans Sloane leased land at Chelsea from...

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Sir Hans Sloane leased land at Chelsea from the Society of Apothecaries and founded the scientific centre which is still functioning as the Chelsea Physic Garden .

19 June 1725: Dorothy Stanley, née Milborne, published...

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19 June 1725

Dorothy Stanley , née Milborne, published by subscription Sir Philip Sidney 's Arcadia Moderniz'd, in four books (coinciding with the thirteenth edition of the original romance).
English Short Title Catalogue.

5 April 1753: The British Parliament paid the daughters...

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5 April 1753

The British Parliament paid the daughters of the late Sir Hans Sloane £20,000 for his scientific collections. This transaction was previously laid out by Sloane's will from 20 July 1749.

15 January 1759: The first reading room of the British Museum...

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15 January 1759

The first reading room of the British Museum was opened.


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