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Friends, Associates Jane Francesca, Lady Wilde
Another relation with whom she became friendly on this trip, William Dickson , visited JFLW in the mid 1870s with his sons, of whom the elder, then in his teens, was William Kirk Dickson ...
Friends, Associates Lady Margaret Sackville
She was one of the circle of artists and intellectuals that gathered at the home of artist John Duncan (Celtic revivalist and Symbolist), and she was the acknowledged queen (though guest queen) of the unique...
politics Mary Howitt
MH 's devotion to women's causes lasted her life through. Around 29 January 1879 something moved her to declare her allegiance on a sheet of paper now in the National Library of Scotland : I...
Publishing Edith Mary Moore
Her full name (Edith Mary Croucher Moore) appears in connection with this book in OCLC WorldCat though not on its title-page. Cassell advertised it in the TLS repeatedly until early June,
OCLC WorldCat., Accessed 1999.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].,
(14 January 1909): 11; (3 June 1909): 205; (10 June 1909): 213
Publishing Edith Mary Moore
Again Cassell placed advertisements in the TLS, but only for a couple of weeks this time.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].,
(21 October 1909): 389
OCLC WorldCat lists (in 2010) just two copies: in the British Library and the...
Reception Frances Browne
Browne's applications to the Royal Literary Fund survive in the Fund's archive (available on microfilm), and the National Library of Ireland has two letters she wrote in 1844. The National Library of Scotland holds several...
Reception Felicia Skene
Although FS is not widely known today, some of her books have been reprinted in the last twenty years. A selection of her work is available online from the Victorian Women Writers Project .
Willett, Perry, and Perry Willett, editors. “Victorian Women Writers Project”. Indiana University.
Reception Willa Muir
Perhaps because WM 's writing career ran alongside that of her more famous husband , and because she published in collaboration with him, her own work has been subordinated to his and for a time...
Reception Sarah Grand
At her death, SG left all her manuscripts, copyrights, and published works to her step-granddaughter, Elizabeth Genevieve Bernadine Crawford Haldane McFall , daughter of Haldane McFall .
Kersley, Gillian. Darling Madame: Sarah Grand and Devoted Friend. Virago Press, 1983.
334-5, 100
Her letters and papers are now...
Textual Production Margaret Holford
After her marriage Margaret Hodson published through John Murray in 1827 a volume of hymns designed especially for those facing death, written or else collected by herself. In September that year Joanna Baillie thanked her...
Textual Production Emma Tennant
Manuscripts by ET are held by the National Library of Scotland .
Textual Production Caroline Bowles
Bowles maintained a cordial relationship with publisher William Blackwood , but her dealings with his sons Alexander and Robert were somewhat colder. It seems that she frequently made arrangements to receive books as remuneration for...
Textual Production Elisabeth Wast
The title is the same one given to the posthumous memoirs of Catharine Colace Ross , published eleven years later. The National Library of Scotland holds a copy of this edition, of which most standard...
Textual Production Eliza Lynn Linton
The Fitzpark Museum at Keswick in Cumberland holds a few of ELL 's earliest surviving writings. Others of her letters and papers survive at Duke University , the National Library of Scotland , the University of Illinois at Urbana
Textual Production Lady Charlotte Bury
The Dictionary of Literary Biography suggests that LCB earned on average about £200 for each of her books. Some of her papers survive in the National Library of Scotland .
Mudge, Bradford Keyes, editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 116. Gale Research, 1992.


The first printed books in Scotland appeared from the Edinburgh press of Walter Chepman and Androw Myllar .
The Advocates Library was founded in Edinburgh as a working library for the legal profession.
Artisan Phoebe Traquair completed her lavishly illustrated manuscript of Elizabeth Barrett Browning 's Sonnets from the Portuguese.
The National Library of Scotland, where the manuscript is housed, notes that the transcriptions are from Traquair's...
31 October 1910
Frances Olive Underhill , a graduate of Royal Holloway College , was appointed by E. W. B. Nicholson Assistant Librarian at the Bodleian : the first woman so appointed in England, after considerable infighting and...
25 September 1914
7 August 1925
An Act of Parliament established the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh.
30 October 1925
Librarian William Kirk Dickson issued to the Rev. Donald J. Ross the first reader's ticket for the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh.


Scott, Sir Walter. “Papers of Sir Walter Scott”. MSS 3278. 102, 3888.20, 3890. 89, 208, 261, National Library of Scotland, 1817.