Joseph Priestley

Standard Name: Priestley, Joseph


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Cultural formation Catherine Hutton
CH grew up in a Dissenting family which suffered for its beliefs. She had a number of Quaker friends, to whom she unembarrassedly used thou and thee. She wrote that she almost became a...
Cultural formation Catharine Macaulay
CM was an Anglican with strong ties to Dissenting reformers. Her outspoken comments on religious matters made many people suppose that she was a sceptic, but this seems not to have been the case. Later...
Family and Intimate relationships Bessie Rayner Parkes
BRP 's great-grandfather, her mother's grandfather, was the famous Radical and Unitarian scientist Joseph Priestley , sometimes referred to as the father of modern chemistry.
Lowndes, Marie Belloc. I, Too, Have Lived in Arcadia. Macmillan.
Markel, Michael H. Hilaire Belloc. Twayne.
He and his wife, Mary Wilkinson Priestley
Family and Intimate relationships Alethea Lewis
AL 's father, the Rev. James Brereton , vicar of Acton, grandson of a baron, married again and had four more daughters and another son. He had literary and scientific interests; but Joseph Priestley (an...
Family and Intimate relationships Marie Belloc Lowndes
MBL owned and took great care of a portrait of her great-grandfather Joseph Priestley .
Lowndes, Marie Belloc. Diaries and Letters of Marie Belloc Lowndes, 1911-1947. Editor Marques, Susan Lowndes, Chatto and Windus.
Friends, Associates Mary Hays
Among her early mentors MH numbered Robert Robinson , William Frend (whose friendship she owed to her first book publication), and George Dyer .
Kelly, Gary. Women, Writing, and Revolution 1790-1827. Clarendon.
Robinson introduced her to Joseph Priestley and John Disney ...
Friends, Associates Bessie Rayner Parkes
She formed a bond, too, with Madame Belloc's old friend Adelaide de Montgolfier , daughter of the balloon inventor Etienne de Montgolfier , who told her that her father's invention had been inspired by Joseph Priestley
Friends, Associates Ann Radcliffe
While staying with her uncle Thomas Bentley at Chelsea, Ann Ward (later AR ) met a number of influential men, most of them with Dissenting connections: Joseph Banks , George Fordyce , Ralph Griffiths ,...
Friends, Associates Ann Jebb
A particular sparring partner of AJ , who would attack her boldest reasoning, with his quaint and lively repartees, was the young William Paley , later an eminent theologian.
Meadley, George William. “Memoir of Mrs. Jebb”. The Monthly Repository, Vol.
, pp. 597 - 604, 661.
She formed another close and...
Friends, Associates Anna Letitia Barbauld
Her close friends at this period included Mary and Joseph Priestley and a number of young women of her own age. She was particularly attracted by a pair of sisters who got themselves barred from...
Intertextuality and Influence Harriet Martineau
Just at the point when she become a published author, HM 's questioning of her Unitarian faith was troubled by a desire to reconcile herself to God's power and benevolence.
Martineau, Harriet, and Gaby Weiner. Harriet Martineau’s Autobiography. Virago.
1: 108
She found an...
Intertextuality and Influence Maria Edgeworth
ME 's overall pedagogic project (shared with her father) was a programmatic rejection
Butler, Marilyn. “Edgeworth’s Stern Father: Escaping Thomas Day, 1795-1801”. Tradition in Transition: Women Writers, Marginal Texts, and the Eighteenth-Century Canon, edited by Alvaro Ribeiro and James G. Basker, Clarendon, pp. 75-93.
of Rousseau and Thomas Day in favour of the Warrington Academy syllabus created by Joseph Priestley . Especially noteworthy in ME
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck
MAS adds a new aesthetic category, the contemplative sublime, alongside the Burke an or terrible sublime and other categories related to the Burkean beautiful. She derives her thinking from women as well as men. In...
Literary responses Catharine Macaulay
Though CM 's work later became synonymous with radical history, at its first appearance moderate Whigs likeThomas Gray and Horace Walpole thought it the most sensible, unaffected, and best history of England that we...
Literary responses Anna Letitia Barbauld
This work was controversial. William Enfield in the Monthly Review praised it and endorsed its opinions.
McCarthy, William. Anna Letitia Barbauld, Voice of the Enlightenment. The Johns Hopkins University Press.
Mary Wollstonecraft quoted from Barbauld's Thoughts on the Devotional Taste in her own preface to The Female Reader...


1749: David Hartley published Observations on Man,...

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David Hartley published Observations on Man, his Frame, his Duties, and his Expectations, which established a materialist theory of the human mind.

1761: Joseph Priestley published The Rudiments...

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Joseph Priestley published The Rudiments of English Grammar; adapted to the use of schools. With observations on style.

1765: Joseph Priestley published his Chart of Biography,...

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Joseph Priestley published his Chart of Biography, a diagram measuring two by three feet, showing the overlapping time-spans of the lives of historical figures.

1766 or 1767: Joseph Priestley first isolated nitrous oxide...

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1766 or 1767

Joseph Priestley first isolated nitrous oxide or nitrous air.

1769: Joseph Priestley began publishing The Theological...

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Joseph Priestley began publishing The Theological Repository, an influential Dissenting journal.

1770: The Lichfield Circle began to develop at...

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The Lichfield Circle began to develop at Lichfield in Staffordshire; the group advocated reform of women's education away from time-filling accomplishments such as japanning and toward intellectual learning.

February 1774: In the preface (dated February 1774) to the...

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February 1774

In the preface (dated February 1774) to the first volume of his Experiments and Observations on Different Kinds of Air, Joseph Priestley wrote that the rapid progress of scientific knowledge would I doubt not...

1 August 1774: After some years experimenting with nitrous...

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1 August 1774

After some years experimenting with nitrous oxide, Joseph Priestley discovered oxygen (which he called dephlogisticated air).

2 March 1790: Charles James Fox proposed in the House of...

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2 March 1790

Charles James Fox proposed in the House of Commons the repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts (instruments of discrimination against Dissenters ). Next day his motion was voted down (its third rejection in four years).

June 1791: Joseph Priestley founded a Constitutional...

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June 1791

Joseph Priestley founded a Constitutional Society in Birmingham.

14-17 July 1791: The Priestley riots in Birmingham, beginning...

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14-17 July 1791

The Priestley riots in Birmingham, beginning with offence taken over a Bastille Day dinner, caused much destruction and disturbance.

8 April 1794: Joseph Priestley emigrated to the USA to...

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8 April 1794

Joseph Priestley emigrated to the USA to escape persecution for his political and religious opinions.

1796: Joseph Priestley published at Philadelphia...

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Joseph Priestley published at PhiladelphiaUnitarianism Explained and Defended, in a Discourse Delivered in the Church of the Universalists, at Philadelphia.

1802: Thomas Wedgwood (of the pottery family) and...

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Thomas Wedgwood (of the pottery family) and Humphry Davy experimented with capturing images using silver nitrate; they almost invented photography.


Priestley, Joseph. Experiments and Observations on Different Kinds of Air. Thomas Pearson, 1790.