Catherine Hutton

Standard Name: Hutton, Catherine
Birth Name: Catherine Hutton
Pseudonym: An Original
CH was a woman of letters publishing in the early nineteenth century. She began early to write letters and journals; she edited her father's autobiography and his local history, as well as a book of travels; she projected an unprecedented illustrated history of costume and a biographical history of English queens; and she published essays and criticism for magazines. Her three novels combine fine character-drawing and observation of social nuance with the same kind of non-fictional writing that fills her periodical pieces.


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Cultural formation Elizabeth Heyrick
Catherine Hutton later related that Elizabeth Coltman was singular in her childhood,
Hutton, Catherine. “A Sketch of A Family of Originals”. Ainsworth’s Magazine, edited by William Harrison Ainsworth, Vol.
, pp. 56-63.
unusually pious and proactive. After a struggle with herself, she gave a beggar both the pennies with which she had intended to...
Cultural formation Elizabeth Heyrick
She was beautiful, and before her marriage her style of dress . . . had been elegant, yet somewhat independent of fashion.
Beale, Catherine Hutton, editor. Catherine Hutton and Her Friends. Cornish Brothers.
Catherine Hutton wrote that EH was converted by a sermon on the...
Education Elizabeth Heyrick
EH was educated mostly at home. Her talent for landscape painting was such that her father had half a mind to send her to London for teaching and to make an Angelica Kauffmann of her...
Family and Intimate relationships Catharine Macaulay
William Graham seems to have been close to his sister Elizabeth , who married Dr Thomas Arnold of Leicester, a doctor involved in the care of the insane. Graham and CM were apparently married from...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Heyrick
Her mother, born Elizabeth Cartwright , was a remarkable woman. She became engaged to please her family, but her fiancé died. After this she visited London and stayed with the publisher Robert Dodsley . While...
Friends, Associates Anna Jane Vardill
While she lived in London AJV moved in culturally active circles. She later described the poet Eleanor Anne Porden (who lived not far away) as her dear friend, and was one of those who...
Friends, Associates Susanna Watts
In her own more local circle, however, SW was relaxed and good company. She belonged to a Book Society . She was a close friend of the Hutton and the Coltman families and especially, in...
Friends, Associates Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, first Baron Lytton
His friends included Benjamin Disraeli , Charles Dickens , John Forster , and Thomas Babington Macaulay . Later in life he conducted a long, mentoring friendship by letter with Mary Elizabeth Braddon . He also...
Friends, Associates Sarah Harriet Burney
SHB 's friendships were complicated by her prickliness about her lack of means and status, and her talent for satire. In general she preferred the company of men to women, since she was often thrown...
Literary responses Jane Austen
JA 's early admirers among her fellow women writers constituted a small, select band. They included Sarah Harriet Burney , Anne Grant , Mary Ann Kelty , Maria Callcott , Maria Jane Jewsbury , Harriet Martineau
Literary responses Phebe Gibbes
This novel aroused much interest. One letter was reprinted almost entire, without attribution, on 2 July 1789 in the Aberdeen Magazine as a Picture of the Mode of living at Calcutta. In a letter from...
Literary responses Elizabeth Heyrick
It seems from its date that this pamphlet was the one of which Catherine Hutton admired the language, but suspected that Heyrick had understood her subject less than completely. It would, she said, be difficult...
Occupation William Harrison Ainsworth
The son of a solicitor, he entered the same profession but left to pursue his literary ambitions. He wrote many historical novels. As editor or proprietor of Bentley's Magazine, Ainsworth's Magazine, and the...
politics Elizabeth Heyrick
Again Catherine Hutton has a turn of phrase for her next step in life: Detached from her family by her marriage, and having no child, Elizabeth gave way to the impulse of her own heart...
Textual Production Anna Letitia Barbauld
The importance of politics in ALB 's journalism is shown by her declining an invitation from Maria Edgeworth in 1804 to associate herself with a journal written entirely by women, on the grounds that the...


14-17 July 1791: The Priestley riots in Birmingham, beginning...

National or international item

14-17 July 1791

The Priestley riots in Birmingham, beginning with offence taken over a Bastille Day dinner, caused much destruction and disturbance.


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