Constitutional Society


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April 1771: John Horne (later John Horne Tooke) and others...

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April 1771

John Horne (later John Horne Tooke ) and others seceded from the Bill of Rights Society to form the Constitutional Society .

October 1790: Thomas Walker founded the Manchester Constitutional...

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October 1790

Thomas Walker founded the ManchesterConstitutional Society .

June 1791: Joseph Priestley founded a Constitutional...

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June 1791

Joseph Priestley founded a Constitutional Society in Birmingham.

November 1791: The Sheffield Constitutional Society, a working-class...

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November 1791

The SheffieldConstitutional Society , a working-class reform association, was formed.

April 1794: Thomas Walker, leading Manchester cotton...

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April 1794

Thomas Walker , leading Manchester cotton merchant and founder of the Constitutional Society there, was acquitted on a trumped-up charge of conspiring to subvert the constitution.

December 1820: The Constitutional Association (at the opposite...

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December 1820

The Constitutional Association (at the opposite end of the political spectrum from the various Constitutional Societies ) was formed in the wake of the Peterloo Massacre of 16 August 1819, with the aim of silencing...


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