George Dyer

Standard Name: Dyer, George


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Family and Intimate relationships Anne Plumptre
In December 1800 Amelia Opie noted that AP was a little in love as usual, and contrasted her in this respect with her more studious sister Bell. Anne is now known to have had an...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Ogilvy Benger
Around 1801-2, Charles and Mary Lamb were said to have succeeded in talking [George Dyer ] into love with EOB , but to have been unsuccessful in talking her into love with him. This...
Friends, Associates Mary Hays
Among her early mentors MH numbered Robert Robinson , William Frend (whose friendship she owed to her first book publication), and George Dyer .
Kelly, Gary. Women, Writing, and Revolution 1790-1827. Clarendon.
Robinson introduced her to Joseph Priestley and John Disney ...
Friends, Associates Ann Jebb
During her last years AJ became a friend of George Wilson Meadley , whom she met in 1808, when Meadley was writing a biography of William Paley and she made copies of correspondence for him...
Friends, Associates Mary Lamb
The Lambs also knew well members of related circles, Robert Southey , William Hazlitt , and Thomas De Quincey . In the first year of her new life Mary met William Godwin , Thomas Manning
Friends, Associates Maria De Fleury
MDF clearly enjoyed close and amicable relations with a large circle centred on the congregation to which she belonged. One particular friend, whom she calls Miranda, was of special importance to her. In the Oxford...
Friends, Associates Ann Batten Cristall
ABC may have met the poet George Dyer through her brother; Dyer visited at Joshua's London lodgings and had a platonic affection for Elizabeth Cristall, who was living with her brother around 1795.
Roget, John Lewis. A History of the Old Water-Colour Society. Longmans, Green.
1:190, 189
Intertextuality and Influence Ann Batten Cristall
The preface expresses admiration for both Burns and George Dyer . ABC stresses her lack of education (which, critic Richard C. Sha argues, associates herself with lower-class writers like William Blake and Henry Kirke White
Intertextuality and Influence Mary Hays
Among the book's contents are poems and fiction (including dream visions and an Oriental tale. Titles like Cleora, or the Misery Attending Unsuitable Connections and Josepha, or pernicious Effects of early Indulgence foreground Hays's didactic...
Literary responses Ann Batten Cristall
The Critical Review discerned in the collection considerable merit and the hand of genius: so much so that it felt it safe to overlook a few blemishes (though it mentioned some for the sake...
Literary responses Mary Hays
William Frend had read the work in manuscript and been much pleased, though he took the liberty of suggesting a few revisions.
Hays, Mary. The Correspondence (1779-1843) of Mary Hays, British Novelist. Editor Brooks, Marilyn, Edwin Mellen.
Reviewers linked MH with Wollstonecraft, with results more often hostile than...
Literary responses Ann Jebb
George Dyer warmly praised AJ in his poem On Liberty, which appeared in his Poems of 1792. Since he also praised Wollstonecraft 's A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Charlotte Smith ,...
Literary responses Helen Maria Williams
Not content with disagreeing with HMW over the value and the cost of revolutionary change, the Critical and others, such as the English Review, explicitly linked this work's perceived faults with its author's gender....
Publishing Ann Batten Cristall
Subscribers included Anna Letitia Barbauld and her brother , Ann Jebb , the future Amelia Opie , Anna Maria Porter , Mary Wollstonecraft and her sister, Mary Hays and her sister, a Mrs Spence who...
Textual Production Ann Batten Cristall
That year Dyer also recommended ABC 's poems to Joseph Cottle of Bristol, and two years later, by May 1799, he proposed to supply Robert Southey with something by ABC , and something by Amelia Opie


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