Camilla Crosland

Standard Name: Crosland, Camilla
Birth Name: Camilla Dufour Toulmin
Married Name: Camilla Dufour Crosland
Indexed Name: Mrs Newton Crosland
Pseudonym: Emma Grey
Pseudonym: Helena Herbert
Pseudonym: Mrs Macarthy
Used Form: Miss Camilla Toulmin
Used Form: Camilla Toulmin
Though most prolific as a poet, CC also published short stories, novels, music lyrics, translations, essays, and memoirs in a career that spanned the last sixty years of the nineteenth century. Her work was frequently published in annuals and after several years as a contributor she also undertook editorial work for several of these publications. Writing to support herself and her family, she addressed almost any topic for which she could be paid. Although critics often see her writing as commercial and conventional as opposed to inspired and original,
Thesing, William B., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 240. Gale Research.
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her extensive and varied oeuvre still holds interest for students of Victorian literature.


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Family and Intimate relationships Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington
Respectable women had always shunned Blessington on account of her past; now her present too was publicly unacceptable. Her sister Ellen, now well married, dropped her.
Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington,. “Introduction”. Conversations of Lord Byron, edited by Ernest J. Lovell, Princeton University Press, pp. 3-114.
Camilla Crosland later recalled how as an unmarried...
Friends, Associates Grace Aguilar
Around this time her acquaintance deepened with Camilla Crosland .
Crosland, Camilla. Landmarks of a Literary Life, 1820-1892. Charles Scribner’s Sons.
Other Christian literary friends included Felicia Hemans , Mary Howitt , and Anna Maria Hall .
Galchinsky, Michael. The Origin of the Modern Jewish Woman Writer. Wayne State University Press.
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Barrett Browning
During their visits to London, the Brownings socialised with such prominent figures as John Ruskin , Jane and Thomas Carlyle , Alfred Tennyson , Dante Gabriel and William Michael Rossetti , and Charles Kingsley ....
Friends, Associates Frances Browne
In Landmarks of a Literary Life, Camilla Crosland recalls an afternoon spent with Browne and her sister after their move to London, calling them well-bred gentlewomen with fluent and interesting conversation . ....
Friends, Associates Dinah Mulock Craik
Their circle of friends included the critic and historian George Lillie Craik , Camilla Toulmin , John Westland Marston , Alexander Macmillan (the publisher), Charles Edward Mudie (founder of Mudie's Lending Library ), and the...
Literary responses Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Mary Russell Mitford 's memoirs, published at the beginning of 1852, presented a sympathetic and admiring but (EBB felt) far too personal picture of her. Camilla Crosland wrote about her (as well as about...
Literary responses Margaret Fuller
The memoir of MF 's life which appeared (edited by Emerson and others) the year after her death aroused interest from such people as George Eliot and Henry Crabb Robinson . Robinson observed that no...
Literary responses Eliza Ogilvy
A Book of Highland Minstrelsy established EO 's reputation as a writer.
Ogilvy, Eliza et al. “Introduction and Appendices”. Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Letters to Mrs. David Ogilvy, edited by Peter N. Heydon and Philip Kelley, Quadrangle, pp. xi - xxiv; 175.
Camilla Crosland (Mrs Newton Crosland) discussed it in her Landmarks of a Literary Life. Crosland recognized the work as...
Publishing Grace Aguilar
It appeared as a tract that same year.
OCLC WorldCat. Accessed 1999.
She declined the invitation from publisher Henry Colburn to write a history specifically of Jewish persecution in England, later explaining to Camilla Crosland that [w]e are so...
Reception Grace Aguilar
Some accused GA , on grounds of her emphasis on spirit rather than form, of being a Jewish Protestant. However, she was very well received by many in the Jewish community, and even those...
Reception L. E. L.
Later biographiical treatments of LEL included Camilla Crosland 's Landmarks of a Literary Life 1820-1892 (1893), which places her alongside other notable writers of the period.
Reception L. E. L.
Although LEL died on the cusp of the Victorian period, she was widely read in its early years, and was invoked explicitly by many other writers who followed her, including women poets Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Textual Production Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington
This work involved her in finding—and engaging in voluminous correspondence with—contributors (who often were or became her personal friends), such as Anna Maria Hall , Felicia Hemans , Amelia Opie , Mary Russell Mitford ,...
Textual Production Geraldine Jewsbury
While working for the Athenæum, she reviewed works by literary figures including Mary Russell Mitford , Elizabeth Gaskell , Harriet Beecher Stowe , Camilla Crosland , Anthony Trollope , George Eliot , Julia Kavanagh
Textual Production Pandita Ramabai
While among the Sisters of St Mary the Virgin at Wantage in England, PR wrote a letter to the former governor of Bombay, Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere , entitled The Cry of...


11 October 1845: A translated edition of Emanuel Swedenborg's...

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11 October 1845

A translated edition of Emanuel Swedenborg 's work The Principia was published in London; this form of spiritualism soon became popular in elite intellectual circles.


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