Charles Edward Mudie

Standard Name: Mudie, Charles Edward


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Friends, Associates Dinah Mulock Craik
Their circle of friends included the critic and historian George Lillie Craik , Camilla Toulmin , John Westland Marston , Alexander Macmillan (the publisher), Charles Edward Mudie (founder of Mudie's Lending Library ), and the...
Publishing Wilkie Collins
WC held firm on the title of his novel entitled The New Magdalen when Charles Mudie , proprietor of the influential circulating library, objected to it as indecorous; his objection laid the foundation for Collins's...
Reception Dinah Mulock Craik
DMC 's work reached immense numbers of people. It was a staple of Mudie 's and other circulating libraries . Her work was swiftly published in the US, and she had numerous titles (novels and...


1843: Charles Edward Mudie opened his first circulating...

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Charles Edward Mudie opened his first circulating library .


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