Adrienne Rich

Standard Name: Rich, Adrienne
Birth Name: Adrienne Cecile Rich
Married Name: Adrienne Cecile Conrad
AR ranks as one of the most influential figures in the twentieth-century feminist movement, and as one of the most influential contemporary American poets (though her political activism impeded the usual workings of the canonisation process, producing a counter-flow against the voices raised in praise of her work). Like other great poets she has produced a body of theorising and critical prose that goes hand-in-hand with her poetry, and that has been almost equally clarifying and liberating for women seeking to understand the dynamics of history.


Connections Sort descending Author name Excerpt
Cultural formation Elizabeth Carter
EC was without doubt woman-identified: as Hester Chapone observed, you carry your partiality to your own sex farther than I do.
Lanser, Susan Sniader. “Bluestocking Sapphism and the Economies of Desire”. Reconsidering the Bluestockings, edited by Nicole Pohl and Betty Schellenberg, Huntington Library, pp. 257-75.
This in itself gives her a position in Adrienne Rich 's lesbian continuum...
Family and Intimate relationships Caroline Blackwood
Blackwood felt appropriated; Elizabeth Hardwick too was outraged to find that Lowell had drawn heavily on words by her. Elizabeth Bishop thought the poetry magnificent but reproved Lowell for the potentially infinite harm he did...
Friends, Associates Denise Levertov
In the USA, DL soon became friends with Robert Creeley and Kenneth Rexroth . From October 1951 she corresponded with William Carlos Williams , to whom she remained close until the end of his life...
Friends, Associates Anne Sexton
AS made many friends among her fellow poets: Kumin , Soter , William DeWitt Snodgrass , Sylvia Plath (whose death affected her deeply), George Starbuck and James Wright (who were also her lovers), and Anthony Hecht
Intertextuality and Influence Carol Ann Duffy
Poet and critic Deryn Rees-Jones sees in these poems the influence of surrealism and in the title a reference to Adrienne Rich 's Twenty-One Love Poems in A Dream of a Common Language, 1978.
Rees-Jones, Deryn. Carol Ann Duffy. Northcote House.
Intertextuality and Influence Deborah Levy
This book has four sections, each titled from a reason for writing, Political Purpose, Historical Impulse, Sheer Egoism, and Aesthetic Enthusiasm. The first and last describe a period of near-breakdown that...
Intertextuality and Influence Anne Stevenson
As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan , her models included the suave, disciplined, informal, very accessible
Stevenson, Anne. Between the Iceberg and the Ship. University of Michigan Press.
early poems of her near-contemporary Adrienne Rich . She wrote two stage works that were performed...
Literary responses Eavan Boland
The reception of this volume sealed EB 's reputation; but reviewers continued to define her by comparison with other, better-known poets like Adrienne Rich and Seamus Heaney .
Boland, Eavan. In a Time of Violence. Norton.
This was the third of her...
Literary responses Mary Wollstonecraft
Virginia Woolf celebrated Wollstonecraft's immortality in 1929; Marjorie Bowen wrote of her critically in 1937 yet entitled her work This Shining Woman. The future anthropologist Ruth Benedict , with her own career yet to...
Literary responses Emily Dickinson
Among our contemporary poets, Adrienne Rich has offered this reading of ED 's life and works: Emily Dickinson—viewed by her bemused contemporary Thomas Higginson as partially cracked, by the twentieth century as fey or...
Reception Caroline Herschel
In the beginning CH 's reputation was usually judged more as that of a woman and a sister than as that of a scientist. Frances Burney 's admiration and delight was directed at her as...
Reception Sylvia Plath
Other recipients of this award include Denise Levertov (1960), Adrienne Rich (1963), Erica Jong (1971), and Margaret Atwood (1974).
Modern Poetry Association,. Poetry.
Reception Alice Walker
When this volume was nominated for a National Book Award, three of the four female nominees (among eleven) agreed that they would not compete with each other, but would accept the award (if it was...
Reception Charlotte Brontë
Most major shifts in second-wave feminist literary criticism have been marked by influential rereadings of Jane Eyre: Ellen Moers (1976) and Elaine Showalter (1977) in the assertion of a female literary tradition; the Marxist-Feminist Literature Collective
Reception Mona Caird
Where literary historian John Sutherland has called MCone of the most aggressive of the New Woman novelists,
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Ann Heilmann (who has led the scholarly rediscovery of the story of Caird's life) has argued that...


By mid-October 1983: Ursula Owen, editor of Virago Press, published...

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By mid-October 1983

Ursula Owen , editor of Virago Press , published with them an anthology of essays: Fathers: Reflections by Daughters.


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