Elaine Showalter

Standard Name: Showalter, Elaine


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Family and Intimate relationships Helen Mathers
Her mother, about whom little is known, was born Maria Buckingham . Her daughter's most famous work, Comin' Thro' the Rye, depicts a sweet and exhausted mother who is, according to critic Elaine Showalter
Intertextuality and Influence Michelene Wandor
MW became interested in Browning in 1972 after reading an article by feminist critic Elaine Showalter , but did not begin writing the play for a few years. She found the process of adapting the...
Intertextuality and Influence Adrienne Rich
Rich was during her lifetime and still is widely acclaimed and honoured as a major poet, theorist, and critic of culture. Her poetry and prose have been examined in literary and social criticism, and in...
Intertextuality and Influence Michèle Roberts
Apart from the helpfulness of those close to her, Roberts acknowledges here the scholarly work of Alex Owen and Elaine Showalter .
Roberts, Michèle. In the Red Kitchen. Methuen, 1990.
She felt, too, that the book was influenced by the place where...
Literary responses Margaret Drabble
Elaine Showalter has called this story clever, playful and unpretentious.
Showalter, Elaine. “A Day in the Life of a Smiling Woman by Margaret Drabble”. Guardian Weekly, p. 40.
Literary responses Jeanette Winterson
Advance readers compared the book favourably to Winterson' s popular early novels, even though they considered it to contain the same excesses that readers disliked in later works. However, according to Elaine Showalter in the...
Literary responses Helen Dunmore
Amid a chorus of welcoming and appreciative reviewers, Elaine Showalter in the Guardian was highly critical.
Literary responses Ellen Wood
The following year, Elaine Showalter , in her influential A Literature of Their Own, 1977, claimed that for EW[w]riting was a form of release that enabled her to recover from her illness and...
Literary responses Sarah Stickney Ellis
SSE was viewed with ambivalence by a later generation of critics who sought to reclaim women's literature. Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar , for example, read Ellis as a willing captive in a separate sphere...
Literary responses Maggie Gee
Elaine Showalter picked this as a favourite read of the year, saying that it brilliantly negotiates the explosive racial territory that it stakes out.
“2009 in Review: Christmas Books”. Guardian Weekly.
Literary responses Sarah Grand
Elaine Showalter brought SG to the attention of late-twentieth-century New Woman and feminist criticism in A Literature of Their Own, 1977, where she discussed The Heavenly Twins and The Beth Book.
Mangum, Teresa. Married, Middlebrow, and Militant: Sarah Grand and the New Woman Novel. University of Michigan Press, 1998.
Literary responses Charlotte Brontë
Most major shifts in second-wave feminist literary criticism have been marked by influential rereadings of Jane Eyre: Ellen Moers (1976) and Elaine Showalter (1977) in the assertion of a female literary tradition; the Marxist-Feminist Literature Collective
Literary responses Geraldine Jewsbury
Despite GJ 's reputation among her contemporaries as a major influence on Victorian literature, her contributions as author and critic have faded into obscurity. Late in the period, Margaret Oliphant passed her over in The...
Literary responses Pearl S. Buck
Maxine Hong Kingston , meanwhile, said in 1992 that her search for Chinese women's voices was first answered by PSB 's work.
Conn, Peter. Pearl S. Buck. A Cultural Biography. Cambridge University Press, 1996.
83, n93
Elaine Showalter has written that it is time for Buck to...
Literary responses Mary Cholmondeley
Most literary reviews were positive, some comparing MC to Charlotte Brontë or George Eliot ; The Spectator called the novel brilliant and exhilarating.
Colby, Vineta. “’Devoted Amateur’: Mary Cholmondeley and Red Pottage”. Essays in Criticism, No. 2, pp. 213 - 28.
An Edinburgh Review article written in 1900 praised Red Pottage in...


Elaine Showalter published A Literature of Their Own: British Women Novelists From Brontë to Lessing, an important work in women's literary history.
26 September 1991
Elaine Showalter published Sister's Choice: Traditions and Change in American Women's Writing , complement or sequel to her book of British women's literary history, A Literature of Their Own, 1977.
By early March 2009
Elaine Showalter published A Jury of Her Peers: American Women Writers From Anne Bradstreet to Annie Proulx.