Robert Creeley

Standard Name: Creeley, Robert


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Family and Intimate relationships Ann Quin
In the early 1960s AQ was the lover of New Zealand artist Billy Apple (then a leading figure on the Pop scene). Within the next few years she then formed relationships with two American experimental...
Friends, Associates Denise Levertov
In the USA, DL soon became friends with Robert Creeley and Kenneth Rexroth . From October 1951 she corresponded with William Carlos Williams , to whom she remained close until the end of his life...
Friends, Associates Denise Levertov
In 1963, at a conference in Vancouver, there occurred the only meeting of all four of the poets who were regarded as leaders of the Black Mountain group: DL , Robert Duncan , Charles Olson
Author summary Ann Quin
AQ was one of the less-known English experimental writers of the 1960s. She has been likened to Graham Greene , Nathalie Sarraute , Samuel Beckett , Robert Creeley , Virginia Woolf , and Anna Kavan
Textual Production Denise Levertov
She set a high rate of production over the next few years. In 1958 came both Five Poems (with illustrations by Jess Collins , the male partner of Robert Duncan ), published by White Rabbit Press


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