Anthony Eden

Standard Name: Eden, Anthony
Used Form: Anthony Eden, first Earl of Avon


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Family and Intimate relationships Emily Eden
Twentieth-century Prime Minister Anthony Eden was EE 's great-great nephew.
Schlueter, Paul, and June Schlueter, editors. An Encyclopedia of British Women Writers. Garland.
Friends, Associates Lilian Bowes Lyon
It was here that she brought Queen Elizabeth (later known as the Queen Mother ) and Anthony Eden (then Foreign Secretary)
Day, James Wentworth. The Queen Mother’s Family Story. Robert Hale.
to see for themselves the misery and heroism of her neighbours.
Day, James Wentworth. The Queen Mother’s Family Story. Robert Hale.
Occupation Lilian Bowes Lyon
In London LBL nursed the wounded during the First World War, then took up social activism. She was for years the head of the Women's Voluntary Service . During the Second World War, while keeping...
Occupation Jan Morris
While studying and writing for the student newspaper, Cherwell, Morris also established contact with The Times, then took a job as a sub-editor and junior leader-writer, then as foreign correspondent with the newspaper...
politics Alison Uttley
AU looked on the election of the post-war socialist government (26 July 1945) as a personal betrayal of the war leader Churchill . As years passed she became increasingly Conservative,
Judd, Denis. Alison Uttley. Michael Joseph.
181, 204
yet she was...
Textual Features Emily Eden
Addressed to people like her elder sister and her friend Pamela Fitzgerald, later Lady Campbell , the printed letters have sparkle although they lack the exotic-travel appeal of her letters already in print. Anthony Eden
Textual Production Phyllis Bottome
PB edited a collection of speeches published by Penguin : Our New Order—or Hitler 's? A Selection of Speeches by Winston Churchill , the Archbishop of Canterbury , Anthony Eden , Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.


3 October 1935-9 May 1936: Italy (ruled by Benito Mussolini) invaded...

National or international item

3 October 1935-9 May 1936

Italy (ruled by Benito Mussolini ) invaded Abyssinia (present-day Ethiopia).

July 1944: British Jews appealed to the government on...

Building item

July 1944

British Jews appealed to the government on behalf of Jews in Hungary; Herbert Morrison told Anthony Eden that nothing must be done that would result in receiving more refugees.

June 1952: Anthony Eden, then Foreign Secretary, admitted...

National or international item

June 1952

Anthony Eden , then Foreign Secretary, admitted in Cabinet that the British government's commitments place a burden on the country's economy which it is beyond the resources of the country to meet.

6 April 1955: Sir Anthony Eden became Prime Minister and...

National or international item

6 April 1955

Sir Anthony Eden became Prime Minister and new leader of the Conservative Party , following Churchill 's resignation.

Autumn 1955: A state of emergency was declared in Cyprus...

National or international item

Autumn 1955

A state of emergency was declared in Cyprus (then a British colony) shortly after British commandos arrived in the island in an attempt to quell the tension between the two resident ethnic communities of Greeks...

1 February 1956: In the Declaration of Washington (one of...

National or international item

1 February 1956

In the Declaration of Washington (one of a number of statements to bear this title), the US President and British Prime Minister pronounced together on relations between the Free World and the Soviet Union.

29 October 1956-22 December 1956: The Suez Crisis occurred: the nationalisation...

National or international item

29 October 1956-22 December 1956

The Suez Crisis occurred: the nationalisation of the Suez Canal by Gamal Abdul Nasser , President of Egypt, produced a joint invasion of Egypt by Britain, France, and Israel, who feared an interruption of...

3 November 1956: Prime Minister Anthony Eden made one of a...

National or international item

3 November 1956

Prime Minister Anthony Eden made one of a series of ministerial broadcasts on the recent Suez crisis, which was covered by BBC television and ITV as well as the BBC radio service at home and...

10 January 1957: Harold Macmillan (Conservative) became Prime...

National or international item

10 January 1957

Harold Macmillan (Conservative) became Prime Minister following Eden 's resignation over the Suez crisis (in which Britain, with France and Israel, invaded Egypt).


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