Lilian Bowes Lyon

Standard Name: Bowes Lyon, Lilian
Birth Name: Lilian Helen Bowes Lyon
LBL wrote poetry and a single novel during the earlier part of the twentieth century. Her poetry consisted of six volumes published in her lifetime (the last a Collected Poems) and a long-posthumous volume. Her work was informed even before the Second World War with a strong sense of social justice and injustice. This remained true of her writing during and immediately after the war years, during which her poetic voice, shaped under conditions of intense physical pain, became markedly more powerful and individual.
Black and white, head-and-shoulders photograph of Lilian Bowes Lyon, seen from the side with her face turned to face the viewer. She is wearing a light, lacy dress with short sleeves, and two strands of pearls. Her dark hair is parted in the middle, with a fringe.
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