Elizabeth, queen consort of King George VI

Standard Name: Elizabeth,, queen consort of King George VI
Used Form: Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
Used Form: Queen Elizabeth, later the Queen Mother


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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Eleanor Bowes, Countess of Strathmore
Later relations of MEBCS include Queen Elizabeth II (through her mother , who was born a Bowes-Lyon) and John Bowes , the Victorian illegitimate son who built and endowed the splendid Bowes Museum in County Durham.
Family and Intimate relationships Lilian Bowes Lyon
Her father, the Hon. Francis Bowes-Lyon, was a cousin of the future Queen Elizabeth (wife of George VI and subsequently for many years Queen Mother). He died on 18 February 1948.
Jackson, Richard. “Lilian Bowes Lyon”. Cornucopia: An Edwardian Album.
Friends, Associates Lilian Bowes Lyon
It was here that she brought Queen Elizabeth (later known as the Queen Mother ) and Anthony Eden (then Foreign Secretary)
Day, James Wentworth. The Queen Mother’s Family Story. Robert Hale.
to see for themselves the misery and heroism of her neighbours.
Day, James Wentworth. The Queen Mother’s Family Story. Robert Hale.
Occupation John Buchan
He made himself popular in Canada, partly through his skill with language, in French as well as in English. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography says, His intention was to develop a Canadian as well...
Occupation Edith Sitwell
ES gave a poetry reading at the Aeolian Hall attended by the queen and her daughters.
Spurling, Hilary. Secrets of a Woman’s Heart. Hodder and Stoughton.
Occupation Lilian Bowes Lyon
In London LBL nursed the wounded during the First World War, then took up social activism. She was for years the head of the Women's Voluntary Service . During the Second World War, while keeping...
politics Lilian Bowes Lyon
Her response to the war was political as well as humanitarian. She wrote that she wanted a new world where such monstrous things are simply impossible.
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
(30 July 1949): 7
Meanwhile she did not hesitate...
politics Margaret Kennedy
Along with her husband , MK attended a sermon by the Dean of St Paul's at Westminster Abbey, where she observed the King and Queen wearing gas masks.
Powell, Violet. The Constant Novelist. W. Heinemann.
Publishing Penelope Mortimer
Viking published PM 's biography, Queen Elizabeth : A Life of the Queen Mother, after Macmillan , which had originally commissioned the book, refused it after all.
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop. http://Bookshop.Blackwell.co.uk.
Gordon, Giles. “Obituary: Penelope Mortimer”. Guardian Weekly, p. 26.
Reception Freya Stark
Recommended by the Book Society and the Book Guild , The Southern Gates of Arabia also received high praise in the Daily Telegraph, among other papers. FS , rather surprisingly, was compared to Jane Austen
Textual Features Margaret Kennedy
From 1937 to 1939 Kennedy had also kept a daily journal to console, from afar, a friend who had been recently widowed. This journal ended after she saw the King and Queen wearing gas masks...
Textual Production Isabel Pagan
Not all IP 's writing went into her printed volume. She was believed to be the author of two songs which became popular: Crook and Plaid and (the most famous among her works) Ca' the...
Textual Production Lady Cynthia Asquith
LCA produced lives of two members of the royal family. The Duchess of York (about the woman later much loved as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother) appeared in spring 1928, and God Save the King...
Travel Freya Stark
She became friendly with Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother , and visited her at Caithness in Scotland.


6 December 1947: The Senate of Cambridge University unanimously,...

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6 December 1947

The Senate of Cambridge University unanimously, if belatedly, voted to admit women for the first time as full members.


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