Harold Macmillan

Standard Name: Macmillan, Harold


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Publishing Rumer Godden
It was begun in postwar London and finished at Arundel.
Godden, Rumer. A House with Four Rooms. Macmillan.
It was the last novel owed to Little Brown under RG 's contract with them; after it, she says, Viking Presshad taken...
Textual Production Elspeth Huxley
Harold Macmillan argued that readers would find EH 's graphic description of this ceremony unfamiliar and abhorrent. She countered strongly that their feelings were not the point: her whole purpose, she said, was to present...


10 January 1957: Harold Macmillan (Conservative) became Prime...

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10 January 1957

Harold Macmillan (Conservative) became Prime Minister following Eden 's resignation over the Suez crisis (in which Britain, with France and Israel, invaded Egypt).

20 July 1957: Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, in a speech...

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20 July 1957

Prime Minister Harold Macmillan , in a speech delivered at Bedford football ground, used a sentence which became famous: You've never had it so good.

February 1959: A non-deferential interview of Prime Minister...

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February 1959

A non-deferential interview of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan by broadcaster Robin Day is credited with first making television a significant part of the political process in Britain.

8 October 1959: In the general election the Conservatives...

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8 October 1959

In the general election the Conservatives under Harold Macmillan increased their majority. Margaret Thatcher (who had first stood for the safe Labour seat of Dartford in 1950) was elected Conservative member of parliament for Finchley.

March 1960: In response to an appeal from the African...

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March 1960

In response to an appeal from the African National Congress (and following Harold Macmillan 's famous winds of change speech of 3 February), a Boycott Committee against South African produce was established in Britain...

April 1960: Prime Minister Harold Macmillan cancelled...

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April 1960

Prime Minister Harold Macmillan cancelled the British rocket programme Blue Streak (commissioned in 1955) to order US Polaris missiles instead; Britain and the USA signed the Polaris agreement two years later.

10 August 1961: Britain applied, for the first time, for...

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10 August 1961

Britain applied, for the first time, for membership in the Common Market (later the European Community). This application was defeated by opposition from France in the person of President Charles de Gaulle .

20 February 1962: Astronaut John Glenn became the first American...

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20 February 1962

Astronaut John Glenn became the first American to orbit the earth, circling the globe three times in his spacecraft Friendship Seven.

July 1962: In a surprise move later called the night...

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July 1962

In a surprise move later called the night of the long knives, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan replaced a third of his Cabinet .

4 June 1963: John Profumo, Secretary of State for War,...

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4 June 1963

John Profumo , Secretary of State for War, resigned after he was found to have lied in the House of Commons about his relations with call-girl Christine Keeler .

19 October 1963: Sir Alec Douglas-Home (Conservative) became...

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19 October 1963

Sir Alec Douglas-Home (Conservative) became Prime Minister when Macmillan resigned on health grounds following the Profumo scandal.


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