Phyllis Bottome

Standard Name: Bottome, Phyllis
Birth Name: Phyllis Bottome
Married Name: Phyllis Forbes-Dennis
PB was a prolific novelist who published over fifty works in approximately sixty years. Her two best-known works, Private Worlds and The Mortal Storm, were made into popular American films. In addition to novels, PB wrote a biography of psychologist Alfred Adler , who greatly influenced her life and work; three volumes of autobiography; and numerous essays and short stories. Most of her writings are concerned with issues of social justice—poverty, mental illness, women's work, and especially anti-Semitism. In her fiction and non-fiction, PB fervently attacked the Nazis ' treatment of European Jews and appealed to Britain and America to take responsibility for the plight of Jewish refugees.


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Fictionalization Virginia Woolf
Versions of VW appeared in many writings by other authors both during and after her own lifetime. On 8 March 1928, Vita Sackville-West informed her that Phyllis Bottome (a popular author and great Woolf fan)...
Friends, Associates Alice Meynell
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Literary responses Alice Meynell
Novelist Phyllis Bottome (who began publishing before the first world war) articulated the oppressive aspects of the ideal represented by AM , writing each time I saw Alice Meynell I felt that I was watching...
Occupation John Donne
During the later seventeenth and the eighteenth centuries Donne's writings were largely forgotten or disapproved of. In June 1741 the London Magazine printed a regularised (to modern eyes butchered) version of Goe, and catche a...
Residence Stella Benson
During this visit to London, SB met many cultural, political, and social figures, including Wyndham Lewis (who drew a sketch of her), David Garnett , Kingsley Martin , Charles Morgan , Phyllis Bottome ,...
Textual Production Storm Jameson
Jameson had been approached by the Ministry of Information once the USA had entered World War II, for suggestions on how to cement Anglo-American relations.
Jameson, Storm. Journey from the North. Harper and Row.
The resulting volume includes work by Phyllis Bentley ,...
Textual Production Margery Lawrence
ML 's ghost stories have been frequently anthologised. They appear in, for instance, Fifty Strangest Stories Ever Told (1937), The Virago Book of Ghost Stories: The Twentieth Century (1987), and Vampire Stories (1993).
Clute, John, and John Grant, editors. The Encyclopedia of Fantasy. St Martin’s Press.
under Lawrence, Margery


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