Francis Bacon

Standard Name: Bacon, Francis,, 1561 - 1626
Used Form: Viscount St. Albans
Used Form: Lord Verulam
Used Form: Sir Francis Bacon


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Dedications Margaret Legge
The book is dedicated To My Friend, with a quotation about friendship from Francis Bacon .
Legge, Margaret. The Price of Stephen Bonyng. Alston Rivers.
It seems now to be very rare. The Bodleian Library has a copy, but the British Library
Education Emily Shirreff
William Grey , the girls' cousin and Maria's future husband, encouraged them to study philosophy, particularly the writings of Francis Bacon and John Locke . A cousin of their father, Sir William Hall Gage ...
Education Frances Reynolds
FR denied that she knew Latin, yet she used Latin tags in her letters. As an adult she worked persistently at self-education. Her commonplace-book contains her reading notes on Plato , Aristotle , Pliny ,...
Education Dora Greenwell
Thereafter, she taught herself, studying philosophy, Latin, German, Italian, French, political economy, and theology.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Dorling, William. Memoirs of Dora Greenwell. James Clarke.
She was very well read and took a particular interest in the writings of Caroline Norton , Felicia Hemans
Education Sarah Austin
During the five years of their engagement, John Austin decided that Sarah was in need of a rigorous intellectual education in accordance with his religious, political, and philosophical bent of mind.
Frank, Katherine. Lucie Duff Gordon: A Passage to Egypt. Hamish Hamilton.
He provided her...
Family and Intimate relationships Constance Smedley
CS 's father, William Thomas Smedley , was a chartered accountant and company director, a philanthropist, a free-thinker, and a bibliophile. His magnificent Shakespeare -Bacon book collection, including more than a hundred volumes of...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Bacon
AB bore her younger son, Francis , who became an influential scientist, writer, and thinker, as well as Lord Chancellor of England, and Viscount St Albans.
The early-twentieth-century Baconian movement (a group of scholars and...
Friends, Associates E. Nesbit
EN began to dabble, around 1908, in the Baconian question (whether the plays of Shakespeare were actually written by Francis Bacon ).
Briggs, Julia. A Woman of Passion: The Life of E. Nesbit, 1858-1924. Hutchinson.
Intertextuality and Influence Elizabeth B. Lester
The title-page quotes from Sir Francis Bacon , Virgil , and Sir Roger L'Estrange . A preface (written in the third person as he) argues that physiognomy has something in it but deplores the...
Intertextuality and Influence Roma White
In fact the book deals with gardening in town as well as in the suburbs. The cloth cover is attractively designed with a vignette of London above the title and a country scene below. The...
Intertextuality and Influence Bathsua Makin
Makin proposes a curriculum which blends tradition with innovation. In arguing that it is more important to know things, than to get words and that languages (the staple of current male education) are subservient to...
Intertextuality and Influence Caroline Frances Cornwallis
Browne had made his Pseudodoxia epidemica, or, Enquiries into very many received tenents [sic] and commonly presumed truths (addressed not to ordinary, mis-informed people but to men of learning) almost an encyclopaedia of seventeenth-century misconceptions...
Intertextuality and Influence Margaret Roberts
The preface also formulates the idea—which was to permeate MR 's writing for the young, and which is enforced here by quotations from Samuel Rogers (on the title-page) and Francis Bacon (in the text)—of the...
Intertextuality and Influence Barbara Hofland
The title-page quotes Francis Bacon and Joseph Addison .
Butts, Dennis. Mistress of our Tears, A Literary and Bibliographical Study of Barbara Hofland. Scolar Press.
Intertextuality and Influence Christian Isobel Johnstone
The title-page of the first quotes from Francis Bacon (Knowledge is Power) and from the mother of Sir William Jones (Read and you will know).
Johnstone, Christian Isobel. Diversions of Hollycot. Oliver and Boyd.
It portrays the widow Mrs...


Between late 1584 and early 1585: Francis Bacon wrote his Letter of Advice...

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Between late 1584 and early 1585

Francis Bacon wrote his Letter of Advice to Queen Elizabeth.

5 February 1597: Francis Bacon's volume of Essayes, Religious...

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5 February 1597

Francis Bacon 's volume of Essayes, Religious Meditations, Places of perswasion and disswasion, was published.

October 1620: Francis Bacon published his influential Novum...

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October 1620

Francis Bacon published his influential Novum Organum, a Latin work of science and scientific theory; it formed the second part of his Instauratio Magna.

1627: Francis Bacon's New Atlantis first appeared...

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Francis Bacon 's New Atlantis first appeared as part of his Sylva Sylvarum; it is a utopia dealing with science and politics, and had been written in 1624.


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