Sir William Jones

Standard Name: Jones, Sir William


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Intertextuality and Influence Christian Isobel Johnstone
The title-page of the first quotes from Francis Bacon (Knowledge is Power) and from the mother of Sir William Jones (Read and you will know).
Johnstone, Christian Isobel. Diversions of Hollycot. Oliver and Boyd.
It portrays the widow Mrs...
Literary responses Elizabeth Smith
Smith translated various different parts of the Old Testament. Bowdler showed some of some of her versions from Hebrew to a scholar of that language, who assumed that the writer was male and responded...
Literary responses Maria Callcott
Rosemary Mitchell in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography calls her a popular exponent of the scholarly work of orientalists such as Sir William Jones , explaining and celebrating Hindu culture and achievements and attempting...
politics Elizabeth Fenton
Her attitudes towards sightseeing were politically inflected: her feelings about India remained classbound. She admired Sir William Jones (a knowledgeable and sympathetic scholar of Indian culture) and even voices opinions of her own about Indian...
Publishing Charlotte Brooke
Her father had cherished a never-executed project for a history of ancient Irish literature.
Ashley, Leonard R. N. et al. “Introduction”. Reliques of Irish Poetry, Scholars’ Facsimiles and Reprints, p. v - xv.
She had issued Proposals for this work the year before publication. The Houghton Library copy of the Proposals incorporates a...


1784: The Asiatic Society was founded by William...

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The Asiatic Society was founded by William Jones in Calcutta: it was a group of Europeans seriously interested in learning more about the culture and learning of India.


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