Margaret Roberts

Standard Name: Roberts, Margaret
Birth Name: Margaret Roberts
Pseudonym: The Author of the Atelier du Lys
Pseudonym: The Author of Mademoiselle Mori
Pseudonym: The Author of A Child of the Revolution
MR wrote from youth until old age, mostly during the later nineteenth century. She usually remained anonymous, though she did eventually give permission to the firm of Tauchnitz to put her name on some of their editions of her novels. She produced at least thirty-eight books, including children's writing and non-fiction (from biography and history to grammar). Most of her novels have foreign settings and characters; most are historical, and carefully researched in the British Museum , with every detail (of dress, for instance) carefully verified.
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Friends, Associates Christabel Coleridge
In addition to her relationship with Charlotte Yonge , CC had a productive friendship with Mary Bramston . The move to Torquay made her one of a group of women writers in the area, all...
Friends, Associates Dora Greenwell
Before her death DG met the novelist Margaret Roberts
Dorling, William. Memoirs of Dora Greenwell. James Clarke.
(who lived at Torquay).
Friends, Associates Frances Mary Peard
One of FMP 's close friends was Charlotte Yonge , who helped her develop a writing career, and whose earliest surviving letter to her is dated April 1861. For a while Peard was one of...
Textual Production Matilda Betham-Edwards
Helen Black questioned her closely about her preferences in literature, and learned that Betham-Edwards endeavour[ed] to appreciate all the living novelists, but found the school of Tolstoy , Ibsen , and Zolarepulsive in the...
Textual Production Amelia Opie
A three-volume publication entitled Duty. A Novel appeared as by the late Mrs. Roberts , author of Rose and Emily, wife of a Surrey clergyman, which was edited with an introductory memoir by AO .
Mitford, Mary Russell. The Life of Mary Russell Mitford: Told by Herself in Letters To Her Friends. Editor L’Estrange, Alfred Guy Kingham, Harper and Brothers.
2: 403-4
Textual Production Frances Mary Peard
The National Society's Depository , an offshoot of the Anglican National Society , had been founded to publish religious reading-matter for the young.
“About The National Society (Church of England) for Promoting Religious Education”. The National Society for Promoting Religious Education: The Society.
It issued a number of titles by FMP , many of them...


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