Pliny, the younger

Standard Name: Pliny,, the younger


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Education Frances Reynolds
FR denied that she knew Latin, yet she used Latin tags in her letters. As an adult she worked persistently at self-education. Her commonplace-book contains her reading notes on Plato , Aristotle , Pliny ,...
Intertextuality and Influence Alison Cockburn
She resisted still more firmly the conventions around opening and closing letters, having a detestation of lyeing epithets of humble servants and stuff, and dear Sir and nonsense. Pliny and Cicero and Paul never begun...
Intertextuality and Influence Frances, Lady Norton
FLN 's works, like the volume already published of Gethin, are very largely composed of quotations. Norton addresses this issue in The Applause of Virtue, in her prefatory To the Reader, which opens...
Literary responses Matilda Betham-Edwards
In the AthenæumJohn Cordy Jeaffreson paid MBE the back-handed compliment of saying that others of her children's books were better than this one, which is far too full of dates and guide-book learning to...
Occupation Anne Damer
AD was also a scholar (Horace Walpole said she wrote Latin like Pliny ) and a book-collector. She patronised writing by women, by subscribing (for instance) to Miscellanies in Prose and Verse by Catherine Jemmat


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