John Keats

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Anthologization Marghanita Laski
ML contributed an essay on Keats , The Language of the Nightingale Ode, to R. M. Wilson 's Essays and Studies 1966, the nineteenth volume in the English Association 's Essays and Studies...
death Percy Bysshe Shelley
The facts about Shelley's death were at first confused, and it was the kind of event that lends itself to mythologizing. The boat, the Don Juan, was badly designed for strong winds and was being...
death Amy Levy
The following year the novelist Grant Allen , an opponent of higher education for women, attributed her suicide directly to her time at university. Beckman considers many possible reasons—a broken love-affair, her lesbianism, her deafness...
Education Marie Corelli
Looking back on her early education, MC wrote I managed to develop into a curiously determined independent little personality, with ideas and opinions more suited to some clever young man. . . . I instinctively...
Education Adrienne Rich
The girls' father also had a strong influence on their education, as he was determined that Adrienne would be a poet and Cynthia would be a novelist. The girls had the run of the family...
Education Maggie Gee
MG gives a very funny account of being interviewed for a place at Cambridge by Queenie Leavis , whose name she did not recognise, and talking confidently about Keats in ignorance of the way F. R. Leavis
Education Christina Rossetti
Christina and her siblings were educated by their mother , in reading, writing, the Bible and rudimentary French. The boys were sent to school when they were seven, while the girls continued at home. Their...
Education Elizabeth Jennings
EJ attended Oxford High School . It was while a thirteen-year-old pupil there, she later said, that she discovered the excitement of poetry: first The Battle of Lepanto by G. K. Chesterton , then The...
Education Ruth Padel
She found school work (at Byron House school in Highgate and then at the highly academic North London Collegiate ) difficult. She always got an A for English essays, although she would write a short...
Education Freya Stark
Family friends sympathetic to Freya's feelings of entrapment at Dronero sent her gifts of books: she was especially passionate about Shakespeare , Sir Walter Scott , Byron , Keats , Kipling , Shelley , Wordsworth
Education Rose Tremain
At this stage of her life, Rosie's great interest and talent was not writing but painting, like her sister. She set out to make a huge, hanging, illustrated copy of Keats 's Ode to Autumn...
Education Jean Rhys
At a very young age, JR imagined that God was a book. She was so slow to read that her parents were concerned, but then suddenly found herself able to read even the longer words...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Sexton
Anne was not able to care consistently for Linda during her early years, and had her looked after for long periods by her mother and her mother-in-law. However, mother and daughter developed an extremely close...
Family and Intimate relationships Fanny Kemble
FK met her future husband and tormentor during the American tour, in Philadelphia, on 13 October 1832. He saw her perform, and courted her. She professed herself initially uninterested in his suit.
Clinton, Catherine. Fanny Kemble’s Civil Wars. Simon and Schuster.
Foner, Eric. “I just get my pistol and shoot him right down”. London Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 6, pp. 25-6.
Family and Intimate relationships Q. D. Leavis
The Roths were devastated by their daughter's decision to marry a gentile. They disowned her and ceased to give her any financial support. However, this period had its happy moments as well. Q. D. introduced...


10 April 1815: The largest volcanic eruption in modern times,...

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10 April 1815

The largest volcanic eruption in modern times, that of Mount Tambora in what is now Indonesia, buried an entire civilization. It had twice the magnitude of the later Krakatoa eruption.

5 May 1816: John Keats appeared (anonymously) in print...

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5 May 1816

John Keats appeared (anonymously) in print with a sonnet entitled O Solitude in Leigh Hunt 's Examiner.

3 March 1817: The twenty-one-year-old John Keats issued...

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3 March 1817

The twenty-one-year-old John Keats issued his first publication in book form, modestly entitled Poems, containing almost all the poetry he is known to have written by then.

28 December 1817: The painter Benjamin Haydon held what later...

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28 December 1817

The painter Benjamin Haydon held what later became known as the immortal dinner so that the young John Keats might meet the eminent William Wordsworth .

By April 1818: John Keats published Endymion: A Poetic ...

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By April 1818

John Keats published Endymion: A Poetic Romance.

July 1819: John Keats's Ode to a Nightingale, written...

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July 1819

John Keats 's Ode to a Nightingale, written in May, appeared in a journal called Annals of the Fine Arts.

13 September 1819: Henry Hunt (organiser of the meeting at Manchester...

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13 September 1819

Henry Hunt (organiser of the meeting at Manchester which became the Peterloo Massacre) was welcomed by huge crowds on his arrival in London to stand trial.

19 September 1819: Keats, walking in the fields near Winchester,...

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19 September 1819

Keats , walking in the fields near Winchester, composed his Ode to Autumn.

January 1820: John Keats published in Annals of the Fine...

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January 1820

John Keats published in Annals of the Fine Arts his Ode on a Grecian Urn, written the previous year.

Early July 1820: Keats published Lamia, Isabella, The Eve...

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Early July 1820

Keats published Lamia, Isabella, The Eve of St Agnes, and other Poems.

1927: Halcyon Press was founded by A. A. M. St...

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Halcyon Press was founded by A. A. M. Stols .

February 1930: D. B. Wyndham Lewis and Charles Lee published...

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February 1930

D. B. Wyndham Lewis and Charles Lee published The Stuffed Owl: An Anthology of Bad Verse, which includes bad poetry by John Dryden , John Keats , and Elizabeth Barrett Browning along with other canonical figures.

12 April 1934: US novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald published...

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12 April 1934

US novelistF. Scott Fitzgerald published Tender is the Night (titled with words from Keats 's Ode to a Nightingale).
Borne Back Daily. .
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