Lady Jane Grey

Standard Name: Grey, Lady Jane
Used Form: The Nine Days' Queen


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Cultural formation Jane Ellen Harrison
In her memoir, JEH writes that although she was English, she hated the idea of the Empire, for it contained the seeds of war. She felt, however, intensely proud of being a Yorkshire woman.
Harrison, Jane Ellen. Reminiscences of a Student’s Life. Hogarth Press.
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Jane Lumley
The equally learned Lady Jane Grey was a cousin of LJL on her mother's side.
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Neville, Baroness Abergavenny
Her brother Henry, second Earl of Rutland , was associated with extreme reformers including John Dudley (father of Lady Jane Grey ) and was imprisoned in July 1553 for supporting Lady Jane's claim to the throne.
Horton, Louise. “’Restore Me That Am Lost’: Recovering the Forgotten History of Lady Abergavenny’s Prayers”. Women’s Writing, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 3-14.
Family and Intimate relationships Sir Philip Sidney
His mother, Lady Mary Sidney , was a duke's daughter and sister of two brothers who became earls (one of them, Robert Dudley , the Earl of Leicester and the favourite of Queen Elizabeth )...
Intertextuality and Influence Anna Maria van Schurman
Having laid out her case, AMS proceeds to summarise and refute that of her Adversaries. These she classifies as the utilitarian (who value learning purely for its cash or career value) and the envious...
Literary Setting Sarah Scudgell Wilkinson
The Eventful History of Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk , The Flower of English Chivalry, and the Princess Mary of England : An Original Romance Founded on Historical Facts is a historical novel in miniature...
Occupation Harriett Jay
HJ made her London debut the next month, on 22 December, in Buchanan's The Nine Days Queen. In this too she took on the lead role (this time as Lady Jane Grey ). Her...
politics Lady Jane Lumley
LJL and her husband attended the coronation of Mary Tudor . As a Roman Catholic, John, first Baron Lumley , was a natural Mary supporter, while his wife was cousin to the recently deposed and...
politics Frances Neville, Baroness Abergavenny
FNBA 's husband not only attended the coronation of the Catholic monarch Mary Tudor on 1 October 1553 (while her eldest brother had just been imprisoned for supporting the rival Protestant candidate Lady Jane Grey
politics Queen Elizabeth I
Elizabeth's youth was lived in the shadow of national power politics. Her younger brother succeeded her father as king. The year she turned twenty he died, and Lady Jane Grey , placed on the throne...
Textual Features Elizabeth Singer Rowe
Some of the fictions relate to philosophical and theological debates of the time;
Bigold, Melanie. Emails to Isobel Grundy about Trotter, Carter, and Rowe.
others have subject-matter typical of the novels of Eliza Haywood or Penelope Aubin . Love situations turn on eros as well as...
Textual Features Susanna Haswell Rowson
This novel covers a historical span from Christopher Columbus through scenes in New Hampshire in 1645 to the lives of the twin heroine and hero, descendants of Columbus, ten generations after him in Philadelphia in...
Textual Features Elizabeth Ogilvy Benger
EOB writes in terms of a women's tradition: for instance, she praises Barbauld for praising Elizabeth Rowe . She makes confident judgements and attributions (she is sure that Lady Pakington is the real author of...
Textual Features Elizabeth Tollet
ET 's various poems about marriage make all the usual points deployed by those writers who set themselves against the current legal drawbacks of marriage for women. She translated Latin epigrams attributed to two famous...
Textual Features Susanna Watts
The many pictures in the volume include diagrams of the hold of a slave ship, I & Dash my Dog (a sketch), and prints of Hester Mulso Chapone , Lady Rachel Russell (with a copy...


6 July 1553: The sixteen-year-old Edward VI died, producing...

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6 July 1553

The sixteen-year-old Edward VI died, producing a succession crisis: for fear of rule by his Catholic sister Mary , Edward pronounced both his sisters to be bastards, and the crown passed (very briefly) to Lady Jane Grey

10 July 1553: Lady Jane Grey (who descended through her...

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10 July 1553

Lady Jane Grey (who descended through her mother from Henry VIII 's sister Mary ) acceded to the throne of England.

19 July 1553: Lady Jane Grey was deposed as queen, and...

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19 July 1553

Lady Jane Grey was deposed as queen, and Mary Tudor assumed the throne of England and Wales.

12 February 1554: Lady Jane Grey was executed in consequence...

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12 February 1554

Lady Jane Grey was executed in consequence of her parents' claim of the throne for her.

1582: Thomas Bentley edited The Monument of Matrones,...

Women writers item


Thomas Bentley edited The Monument of Matrones, an important anthology containing writings by women, mostly religious.

12 October 1597: Michael Drayton's England's Heroicall Epistles...

Writing climate item

12 October 1597

Michael Drayton 's England's Heroicall Epistles was entered in the Stationers' Register ; it appeared the same year.

20 April 1715: Nicholas Rowe's she-tragedy Lady Jane Gray...

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20 April 1715

Nicholas Rowe 's she-tragedyLady Jane Gray was first performed.

By December 1825: The Literary Remains of Lady Jane Grey were...

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By December 1825

The Literary Remains of Lady Jane Grey were published with a memoir by R. H. Nicholas.


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