Penelope Aubin

Standard Name: Aubin, Penelope
Birth Name: Penelope Charleton
Married Name: Penelope Aubin
Indexed Name: Mrs Aubin
PA began publishing early in the eighteenth century. She is chiefly known for her short novels, though she turned her hand to poetry and comedy as well. At the height of her career her rate of production was equalled only by Defoe and Haywood , and her novels continued to be reprinted throughout the eighteenth century, in Ireland and the USA as well as England. Her fictional plots range the world and are crammed with adventures. Much under-age sex and violence (often both together) cluster at the margins of her stories, while her central characters preserve their virtue (often female Christian virtue resisting the lust of a man from a different culture), and moralistic High Tory principles are upheld.


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28 September 1707: The Privy Council turned down a scheme by...

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28 September 1707

The Privy Council turned down a scheme by entrepreneurs including John Breholt for ending piracy by disaffected and allegedly very wealthy British seamen off the island of Madagascar.


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