Thomas Bentley

Standard Name: Bentley, Thomas


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Anthologization Queen Elizabeth I
She wrote original poetry all her life, though individual pieces are hard to date. Bradner , editor of her poems, counts them as six certain and ten doubtful, besides six verse translations.
Elizabeth I, Queen. The Poems of Queen Elizabeth I. Editor Bradner, Leicester, Brown University Press.
Some of...
Anthologization Elizabeth Oxenbridge, Lady Tyrwhit
Tyrwhit's prayers were reprinted, much revised, re-ordered, and expanded, by Thomas Bentley in the second lampe of his anthology The Monument of Matrones, 1582, with such radical revision and expansion that Felch (who reprints...
Family and Intimate relationships Ann Radcliffe
AR 's uncle by marriage Thomas Bentley was a merchant and a leading dissenter, who had friends among influential Dissenting circles, and in 1768 became a partner of Josiah Wedgwood.
Norton, Rictor. Mistress of Udolpho: The Life of Ann Radcliffe. Leicester University Press.
Author summary Frances Neville, Baroness Abergavenny
FNBA both collected and composed devotional writings during the sixteenth century, which reached print after her death. Thomas Bentley , including a generous selection in his Monument of Matrones, 1582, presents them as concerned...
Publishing Frances Neville, Baroness Abergavenny
FNBA highly valued her collection of prayers. According to the title given them by Thomas Bentley in 1582, they were committed at the houre of hir death, to the right Worshipfull Ladie MARIE Fane (hir...
Reception Frances Neville, Baroness Abergavenny
Her prayers became publicly well-known through Thomas Bentley 's printing of fifty of them, some long, in his Monument of Matrones in 1582 under the title The Praiers made by the right Honourable Ladie Frances...
Reception Anne Askew
Knowledge of AA 's writing spread rapidly. The reactionary Stephen Gardiner , Bishop of Winchester, complained on 6 June 1547 of the number of copies in circulation.
Beilin, Elaine V., and Anne Askew. “Introduction”. The Examinations of Anne Askew, Oxford University Press.
John Foxe gave it a still wider...
Textual Production Frances Neville, Baroness Abergavenny
Phillips may have been commissioned to finish the collection after the death of FNBA : he worked for London publishers, and wrote several commemorative poems for the recently dead, including Sir Philip Sidney . Scholars...


1582: Thomas Bentley edited The Monument of Matrones,...

Women writers item


Thomas Bentley edited The Monument of Matrones, an important anthology containing writings by women, mostly religious.


Various Authors,. “The Monument of Matrons (excerpts), 1582”. Women Writers Online, edited by Thomas Bentley.
Frances Neville, Baroness Abergavenny,. “The Praiers made by the right Honourable Ladie Frances Aburgavennie”. The Monument of Matrones, edited by Thomas Bentley, Printed by H. Denham, 1582, pp. 139-13.