King Edward VI

Standard Name: Edward VI, King


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Family and Intimate relationships Anne Bacon
Her father, Sir Anthony Cooke of Gidea Hall near London, was admired for his learning although he was self-educated, having apparently not attended university. He was tutor to the boy king Edward VI .
Bacon, Anne. “Introduction”. The Letters of Lady Anne Bacon, edited by Gemma Allen, Cambridge University Press, pp. 1-45.
Family and Intimate relationships Queen Elizabeth I
Elizabeth's younger half-brother, Edward , son of Jane Seymour , shared her upbringing and her Protestantism.
Family and Intimate relationships Katherine Parr
Within a month of Henry's death on 28 January 1547, KP was involved with Thomas, Lord Seymour , who had proposed to her during her second widowhood. She married him secretly, apparently for love. Amid...
politics Rose Hickman
RH had been nearly ten years married when the Protestant Edward VI died on 6 July 1553, and the Catholic Mary Tudor succeeded him. This was bad news for those of her religious opinions: in...
politics Katherine Parr
KP supervised the education, encouraged the writing, and tried to form the minds of her new batch of step-children: Mary , Elizabeth , and Edward . (Susan E. James in the Oxford Dictionary of...
Textual Features Isabella Neil Harwood
INH made it clear in the prologue of the first play that Lady Jane Grey was as historically accurate as possible.
Harwood, Isabella Neil. Lady Jane Grey; Inez, or, The Bride of Portugal. Ellis and Green.
It details the events surrounding Lady Jane's brief reign as Queen of England...
Textual Features Winifred Peck
This book charts, in one chapter per incumbent, a selection from the men who have ministered to the spiritual needs of a fictional parish named St Mary Luce from the sixteenth century to the present...
Textual Features Elizabeth Shirley
As a member of her community Shirley wrote for the good of that community. Though she professed to judge herself unworthy, she thought it her duty & part to write, hoping to inspire all those...
Textual Production Constance Smedley
Dramatic writings by CS and her husband in the USA began with the five-act Miriam, Sister of Moses, about the Old Testament character who was healed of leprosy. They had been working on this...


28 January 1547: King Henry VIII died, and the youngest of...

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28 January 1547

King Henry VIII died, and the youngest of his children (the only boy among them) assumed the throne of England and Wales as Edward VI .

2 May 1550: Joan Bocher, also called Joan of Kent, was...

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2 May 1550

Joan Bocher , also called Joan of Kent , was burned as a heretic for denying the virgin birth of Christ.

Late 1552: Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury...

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Late 1552

Thomas Cranmer , Archbishop of Canterbury under Edward VI , produced an Anglican revised Book of Common Prayer.

6 July 1553: The sixteen-year-old Edward VI died, producing...

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6 July 1553

The sixteen-year-old Edward VI died, producing a succession crisis: for fear of rule by his Catholic sister Mary , Edward pronounced both his sisters to be bastards, and the crown passed (very briefly) to Lady Jane Grey

10 July 1553: Lady Jane Grey (who descended through her...

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10 July 1553

Lady Jane Grey (who descended through her mother from Henry VIII 's sister Mary ) acceded to the throne of England.

1555: Bridewell Prison, the first house of correction...

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Bridewell Prison , the first house of correction for vagrants and beggars, was established in the same building as the recently-founded Bridewell Royal Hospital a residence for apprentices during their training.


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