Lady Jane Lumley

Standard Name: Lumley, Lady Jane
Birth Name: Jane Fitzalan
Styled: Lady Jane Fitzalan
Married Name: Jane, Baroness Lumley
LJL was a Renaissance translator who distinguished herself by producing the earliest extant English version of a tragedy by Euripides , which is also the earliest play by a woman in English. She also translated orations and wrote dedications of her writing to her father .
Black and white photograph of a painting of Lady Jane Lumley by Sieuwert van der Meulen, 1563, companion piece to a portrait of her husband. She stands in formal pose, wearing a long dark skirt and bodice with embroidered decoration. Her tight sleeves are puffed at the shoulders and the gold under-sleeves have small slashes. She has two rows of blue stones below a small ruff, and a circlet head ornament. In one hand she holds a pomander, in the other what might be the household purse.A small label is not le
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