Harriett Jay

Standard Name: Jay, Harriett
Pseudonym: Charles Marlowe
A now largely-forgotten novelist and playwright, HJ was prolific and popular in the late nineteenth to early twentieth century. She wrote eight novels, the majority devoted to the contemporary state of Ireland from an Anglo viewpoint and in a style reminiscent of the sensation novel or romance. Her novels are out of print, but most are available online. HJ also co-wrote ten plays—in both comedic and melodramatic style—with her adopted father, Robert Williams Buchanan . After Buchanan's death she wrote as her final work his biography.
Black and white photograph of Harriett Jay, seated in a chair and leaning her elbow on a desk, with a potted plant behind. She is wearing a long, simple, white dress with lace trim at the sleeves and throat, and a silver bracelet and ring. Her light hair is pulled back, with short curls in front.
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Family and Intimate relationships Robert Williams Buchanan
RWB and his wife, who were childless, adopted her younger sister, Harriett Jay . After Mary's death in 1882, Harriett continued to live with RWB for the rest of his life. She became an actress...
Textual Production Rhoda Broughton
RB earned £1,000 for the volume rights alone, the highest she had yet received for a novel. Robert Buchanan 's theatrical adaptation entitled Sweet Nancy had an only moderately successful run on stage in 1890...


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