Christopher Columbus

Standard Name: Columbus, Christopher


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Literary Setting Jean Plaidy
Ferdinand and Isabella presided over the discovery of the New World and the birth of the Inquisition in 1478. This first novel is told from the point of view of Isabella, whom JP portrays as...
Literary Setting Susanna Haswell Rowson
This novel covers a historical span from Christopher Columbus through scenes in New Hampshire in 1645 to the lives of the twin heroine and hero, descendants of Columbus, ten generations after him in Philadelphia in...
Textual Features Rosita Forbes
Presenting the Caribbean as a cross-roads of world routes, she divides her work into four sections: Design for the Roads: Columbus as Pedlar and Politician, The Making of the Roads: Columbus as Admiral and...
Textual Features Elinor Glyn
She begins by defining what romance means to her, and she explains that in her life the fundamental impulse behind every action, has been the desire for romance.
Glyn, Elinor. Romantic Adventure. E. P. Dutton.
To her, romance is ideal love—spiritual...
Textual Production Rosita Forbes
RF published another travel book with elements of biography: The Prodigious Caribbean: Columbus to Roosevelt.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
2025 (23 November 1940): 588
Mavrogordato, E. E. “Rosita Forbes in the Caribbean”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 2029, p. 644.
Textual Production Elizabeth Helme
EH published a translation from the German of J. H. Campe entitled Columbus ; or, The Discovery of America: As Related by a Father to His Children, and Designed for the Instruction of Youth...
Textual Production Kate Marsden
KM used the fame brought her by her Siberian travels to step up her public speaking and fundraising, with a focus on the Kate Marsden Leper Fund . She lectured in London and elsewhere about...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Stella Gibbons
Published by Longmans , the volume includes such titles as The Cunning Huntress, Artemis Married, and The Discovery, a sonnet about Columbus through the eyes of a Native American.
Oliver, Reggie. Out of the Woodshed: A Portrait of Stella Gibbons. Bloomsbury.
58-9, 262


12 October 1492: Christopher Columbus is said to have discovered...

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12 October 1492

Christopher Columbus is said to have discovered the New World; the discovery was in fact a major disappointment to him, since what he was seeking was a trade-route to the riches of Asia.

By 1495: A syphilis epidemic began raging through...

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By 1495

A syphilis epidemic began raging through Europe. (It was then known as the pox, from the noticeable symptoms of one stage in the disease's progress, and was not to be generally called syphilis...


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