Archibald MacLeish

Standard Name: MacLeish, Archibald


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Friends, Associates Willa Muir
While living in Cambridge, USA, the Muirs socialized with notable literary figures such as Archibald MacLeish , Robert Frost , Richard Wilbur , and Robert Lowell .
Muir, Willa. Belonging. Hogarth Press.
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When WM saw T. S. Eliot
Health Ezra Pound
On 7 May 1958, at the age of seventy-two, EP was officially released from St Elizabeth's in response to petitions instigated by several writers, including Robert Frost , Archibald MacLeish , Ernest Hemingway , and T. S. Eliot .
Nadel, Ira Bruce, editor. “Chronology; Introduction”. The Cambridge Companion to Ezra Pound, Cambridge University Press, pp. xvii - xxxi; 1.
“Contemporary Authors”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Centre-LRC.
Textual Features Emily Dickinson
She began practising literary techniques in letters written to friends and family at this time. Evidence of a dialogic, corresponding voice permeates her poetry, resulting in what Archibald MacLeish reads as one of the central...
Travel Willa Muir
WM spent an academic year in the USA, where Edwin Muir was Charles Eliot Norton Professor for the year at Harvard University , at the invitation of the poet Archibald MacLeish .
Muir, Willa. Belonging. Hogarth Press.
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Wealth and Poverty Sylvia Beach
SB struggled for most of her life to be financially independent. At an early date she wrote: I must get at something profitable. My uselessness utterly depresses me.
Fitch, Noel Riley. Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation: A History of Literary Paris in the Twenties and Thirties. W. W. Norton.
Her career as a bookshop owner...


1932: US poet Archibald MacLeish won the Pulitzer...

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US poet Archibald MacLeish won the Pulitzer Prize for his epic poemConquistador, which traces the journey taken by Cortez through Mexico.


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