Eleanor Roosevelt

Standard Name: Roosevelt, Eleanor


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Education Dorothy Bussy
Marie Souvestre was a free-thinking feminist, daughter of the French author and philosopher Emile Souvestre . Her school, Les Ruches, was widely admired for its academic rigour. It educated many outstanding women, including Beatrice Chamberlain
Friends, Associates Rosita Forbes
In FinlandRF met the national hero Marshal Mannerheim .
Forbes, Rosita. Gypsy in the Sun. Cassell.
On her first visit to the USA she met Rebecca West , Ruth Draper , Anna Pavlova , and H. G. Wells ; on...
Literary responses Jan Struther
JS sent a copy of The American Way of Life to Eleanor Roosevelt , who wrote back, I love it! . . . Would you be willing to have the President read it on his...
Literary responses Pearl S. Buck
Eleanor Roosevelt wrote: we have needed this book and I hope it will find its way into the hands of the great masses of people in our nation.
Conn, Peter. Pearl S. Buck. A Cultural Biography. Cambridge University Press.
Literary responses Dorothy Bussy
The book was a great success in England, where it went into twenty printings during the first several weeks of its release. Soon afterwards it was translated into French by Bussy herself and Roger Martin du Gard
Occupation Vera Brittain
VB embarked on a second American lecture tour, during which she was to have lunch with Eleanor Roosevelt at the White House; the tour ended in December.
Berry, Paul, and Mark Bostridge. Vera Brittain: A Life. Chatto and Windus.
373, 376-7
Occupation Dorothy Bussy
Dorothy Strachey taught Allenswood's most famous pupil, Eleanor Roosevelt , who was there from 1899 to 1902.
Cook, Blanche Wiesen. Eleanor Roosevelt: Volume One, 1884-1933. Viking.
102-3, 110
Her reports on Roosevelt's work were not glowing, but improved over time. They ranged from Intelligent...
Occupation Lesley Storm
During the Second World War, LS worked as a journalist for the Daily Herald. She reported on the visit to England of American First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt in October 1942, a trip that aimed...
Occupation Jan Struther
The success of JS in the USA was confirmed when she stayed with President and Mrs Roosevelt at the White House.
Maxtone Graham, Ysenda. The Real Mrs Miniver. John Murray.
Performance of text Lesley Storm
LS 's next play, Great Day, which opened on Broadway at the Playhouse Theatre on 14 March 1945, grew out of her journalism dealing with Eleanor Roosevelt 's war-time visit to England in October...
Textual Features Dorothy Bussy
DB wrote candidly about the influences on her novel. In her introduction to it she states that the story has been written to please myself, without thought of my own vanity or modesty, without regard...
Textual Production Pearl S. Buck
She spoke during these months in the USA on other hot political topics such as birth control and white inhumanity towards blacks. In February 1933 she shared a platform with Eleanor Roosevelt . Back in...
Travel Alice Meynell
AM visited New York and Denver, as well as San Francisco and other places in California, including the Yosemite Valley, Monterey, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara. She was also in...


17 March 1905: Eleanor Roosevelt married her distant cousin...

National or international item

17 March 1905

Eleanor Roosevelt married her distant cousin Franklin Delano Roosevelt ; at the ceremony she was given away by her uncle Theodore Roosevelt , then President of the United States.

27 November 1937: A musical called Pins and Needles opened...

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27 November 1937

A musical called Pins and Needles opened on Broadway which, uniquely, was mounted by a trade union, the International Ladies Garment Workers Union .

4 April 1938: US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt presented...

National or international item

4 April 1938

US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt presented the Marmon Trophy to pilot and cosmetic executive Jacqueline Cochran on behalf of the Ligue Internationale des Aviateurs .

10 December 1948: The United Nations, meeting in Paris, adopted...

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10 December 1948

The United Nations , meeting in Paris, adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the brainchild of Eleanor Roosevelt and others.


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