Rosita Forbes

Standard Name: Forbes, Rosita
Indexed Name: Joan Rosita Forbes
Birth Name: Joan Rosita Torr
Married Name: Rosita McGrath
Used Form: Joan Rosita Torr Forbes
Used Form: Rosita Torr
RF was a popular travel writer of the earlier twentieth century. Her travel books are often flavoured with adventure, and she also published books of biography, essays, stories, political and social commentary, and memoirs, all closely related to her travel experience. She specialised at first in North Africa and the Middle East, on which she became something of an expert. Before her later books, which are about the Caribbean, she wrote of other places including India and South America. Her several novels give a good deal of emphasis to their exotic settings.
Black and white, three-quarter-length photo of Rosita Forbes by Mendoza. She is seated, gazing at the viewer, in a dark hat with wide brim and large artificial flowers, and a fur wrap thrown over an open jacket and light dress with a full, gauzy or lacy skirt. Library of Congress.
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Residence Violet Trefusis
The travel-writer Rosita Forbes , who stayed with her there, rendered Tour du Saint Loup as Tower of the Sainted Wolf.
Forbes, Rosita. Gypsy in the Sun. Cassell, 1944.


14 January 1921
Rosita Forbes (disguised as a Muslim woman) and Hassanein Bey travelled from Cyrenaica to Kufra in the Libyan desert.
November 1939
The Moyne Commission Report blamed the Crown Colony form of government for disturbances in the Caribbean; it called for stronger labour unions, more elected members of legislative councils, and eventual extension of the vote...