Hernando Cortés

Standard Name: Cortés, Hernando
Used Form: Hernando Cortes
Used Form: Hernán Cortes


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Textual Features Alice Dixon Le Plongeon
Unusual articles written by ADLP include titles such as Dialogues of the Dead, a fictional debate between the Spaniard Hernán Cortés and the Aztec king Montezuma in which each takes jabs at the other...
Textual Production Elizabeth Helme
Helme's Translator's Preface explains that she has replaced Campe's group of pupils with a whole family and their parents, observing that children will find that more interesting.
Campe, Joachim Heinrich. Columbus. Translator Helme, Elizabeth, Sampson Low.
1: iii
She praises the explorers for their...
Textual Production Eglinton Wallace
At some point before 1792, EW authored her single Hernando Cortés tragedy, Cortes, which remained unproduced and unpublished, and is now lost (except for passages which she later quoted).
Mann, David D. et al. Women Playwrights in England, Ireland and Scotland, 1660-1823. Indiana University Press.


23 June 1516: The death of Ferdinand of Spain brought together...

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23 June 1516

The death of Ferdinand of Spain brought together the huge territories of Aragon, Castile, Burgundy, and the Low Countries, under the rule of Charles of Ghent, who soon became Holy Roman Emperor as Charles V .

Summer 1520: Hernando Cortés, a Spanish soldier of fortune...

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Summer 1520

Hernando Cortés , a Spanish soldier of fortune sent out in command of an expedition to Yucatán in Mexico, began what was almost a chance conquest of the Aztec Empire.

1932: US poet Archibald MacLeish won the Pulitzer...

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US poet Archibald MacLeish won the Pulitzer Prize for his epic poemConquistador, which traces the journey taken by Cortez through Mexico.


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