Kenneth Grahame

Standard Name: Grahame, Kenneth


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Education Rosemary Sutcliff
Rosemary's mother was probably her most important teacher. She told her stories which, no matter how outlandish and fantastic, the very young Rosemary accepted as literal truth; she later imparted all kinds of varied information...
Education J. K. Rowling
Formative early reading included Richard Scarry and Kenneth Grahame 's The Wind in the Willows. Joanne Rowling did not care for Enid Blyton as a young child but acquired a taste for her later...
Friends, Associates Charlotte Mew
In the mid-1890s, CM attended literary gatherings at the home of Henry Harland , editor of The Yellow Book. Other writers who attended included Evelyn Sharp , Netta Syrett , Max Beerbohm , Kenneth Grahame
Friends, Associates Evelyn Sharp
ES wrote later that at no time in her life did she make intimate friends easily. Most people she had to do with she liked up to a certain point only, but she could count...
Literary responses Evelyn Sharp
This book was praised in The Academy by Kenneth Grahame for humanity, wit, tenderness, and fancy.
John, Angela V. Evelyn Sharp: Rebel Woman, 1869–1955. Manchester University Press.
Occupation Constance Smedley
In her capacity as European representative for the American Everybody's Magazine (edited by John O'Hara Cosgrave ), CS set out to woo various authors including Kenneth Grahame . She writes that she was successful in...
Textual Features Evelyn Sharp
The Wymps books are remarkable, as are ES 's other children's books, for the unpatronising respect she shows for children: their minds, their perceptions, their imagination. Like her friend Kenneth Grahame , she aims to...
Textual Features A. S. Byatt
The author at the heart of this story is a children's writer, Olive Wellwood, who is married to a wealthy banker and lives in a Kentish farmhouse strangely called Todefright. The actual Edith Nesbit ,...
Textual Features E. Nesbit
At the opening of The Treasure Seekers the narrator, Oswald Bastable, says he will not reveal which child is telling the story; yet already he is dropping unmistakable hints that it is himself. Oswald wavers...


1908: Kenneth Grahame published his now-famous...

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Kenneth Grahame published his now-famous book of children's storiesThe Wind in the Willows, to unenthusiastic reviews.


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