Christina Stead

Standard Name: Stead, Christina
Birth Name: Christina Ellen Stead
Nickname: Peg
Married Name: Christina Ellen Blake
Over a period of fifty years in the twentieth century, Australian-born CS published a short-story volume (many more stories were posthumously collected), eleven novels (one also posthumous), three translations, and a volume of novellas. Her literary career, never at any stage without obstacles, fell into several sections. At first she drew positive responses from publishers and some reviewers, though her works were seen as uninviting and difficult, and never sold well. The Man Who Loved Children seemed to signal a breakthrough into fame, but after this Stead's prickly personality, refusal to compromise, and Communist politics consigned her to outer darkness again. For years she worked at revision (a task she hated) of texts which had been rejected in their first form, only to have them rejected again. Belated recognition involved acknowledgement that the literary world had been exceptionally slow to do her justice.
Photograph of a gold-coloured memorial plaque to Christina Stead in the Writers Walk, Sydney (near the Opera House), created in 1991 by the New South Wales Ministry for the Arts. The plaque is set against a grey brick wall, and headed with Stead's name and dates. Below, reading downwards, come a circular emblem of the NSW state flower, telopea speciosissima, a quotation from her "Seven Poor Men of Sydney", a brief summary of her works with special mention of "The Man Who Loved Children", an encircled cross,
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“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
57121 (11 December 1967): 10
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21-25 June 1935
The First International Congress of Writers for the Defence of Culture (an anti-fascist event urging the responsibility of writers to their society) was held in Paris.
14 August 1939
Four hundred US intellectuals signed an open letter to All Active Supporters of Democracy and Peace asserting that the USSR was a bulwark against war and aggression,
Rowley, Hazel. Christina Stead: A Biography. Secker and Warburg, 1995.
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May 1978
Virago Press issued its first Virago Modern Classics, a historically important series most though not all of which were novels.