Michael Holroyd

Standard Name: Holroyd, Michael


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Family and Intimate relationships Margaret Drabble
MD married author and biographer Michael Holroyd .
Creighton, Joanne V. Margaret Drabble. Methuen.
Family and Intimate relationships Margaret Drabble
In 2015 MD 's husband, Sir Michael Holroyd , went public in an interview about his romantic friendship with critic Susannah Clapp . He said (mentioning his medical condition following bowel cancer) that the relationship...
Family and Intimate relationships Dorothy Bussy
It is unclear when the couple met, but they fell in love when Dorothy nursed Simon at the Strachey home after an accident at his studio. Their engagement stirred controversy and disapproval in the Strachey...
Friends, Associates Doris Lessing
Her old friends included Naomi Mitchison (who shared her love of Africa), the composer Philip Glass , and her biographer and executor Michael Holroyd .
Murphy, Kim. “Lessing will have the last word”. Edmonton Journal, p. D3.
Kennedy, Maev. “Doris Lessing dies aged 94”. theguardian.com.
Sage, Lorna. “Doris Lessing obituary”. theguardian.com.
Literary responses Dora Carrington
Mary Ann Caws asserts that Carrington has the art and the genius of personalizing everything, and calls her personal art . . . at once disquieting and convincing.
Caws, Mary Ann. Women of Bloomsbury: Virginia, Vanessa, and Carrington. Routledge.
Michael Holroyd describes her as principally...
Literary responses Antonia Fraser
Peter Portado says that Fraser has done a fine job of promoting history. Fellow-biographers like Michael Holroyd and Amanda Foreman have praised her. Foreman notes that she deserves a place in the history of history...
Literary responses Violet Trefusis
Jullian noted improvements in VT 's writing style since Sortie de secours.Écho was better received than the first novel, and proved even something of a best-seller.
Jullian, Philippe et al. Violet Trefusis: Life and Letters. Hamish Hamilton.
In 2009 Michael Holroyd wrote that...
Literary responses Violet Trefusis
Graham Greene observed that this novel's style was rather consciously spangled with felicities.
Holroyd, Michael. “A Tale of Three Novels”. London Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 3, pp. 31-2.
Michael Holroyd , agreeing with Greene, thought it witty but not one of her better novels.
Holroyd, Michael. “A Tale of Three Novels”. London Review of Books, Vol.
, No. 3, pp. 31-2.
Literary responses Violet Trefusis
Sackville-West and Woolf never read VT 's text: it did not appear in English until 1985, with Barbara Bray 's translation and Victoria Glendinning 's introduction.
Souhami, Diana. Mrs. Keppel and Her Daughter. Flamingo.
Glendinning, Victoria, and Violet Trefusis. “Introduction”. Broderie Anglaise, translated by. Barbara Bray and Barbara Bray, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.
v, xvi
In a critical essay, Broderie Anglaise...
Literary responses Antonia White
Callil felt that this novel (a classic—funny, wonderfully written, which was pressed into her hands by Michael Holroyd in 1977) was the first to cast light on her own convent upbringing in Sydney, Australia...
Literary responses Lady Cynthia Asquith
D. H. Lawrence blamed LCA 's class-consciousness on the basis of her diaries.
Beauman, Nicola. Cynthia Asquith. Hamish Hamilton.
Once they were published, Roger Fulford in the Times Literary Supplement anticipated that the upper-class lifestyle depicted in the diaries might...
Occupation Antonia Fraser
While bringing up her children, AF persevered with the writing career she had already launched. As the wife of a wealthy man, she did voluntary work of various kinds, chairing the Prison Committee and, for...
Reception Violet Trefusis
Michael Holroyd suggests in the Afterword to A Book of Secrets: Illegitimate Daughters—Absent Fathers, 2010, that scholarly interest in Vita Sackville-West created a biassed climate for the reception of VT . Whatever vessel set...
Reception Dora Carrington
Carrington's exhibited works did not often sell during her lifetime, though interest in and prices paid for them have increased since then.
Gerzina, Gretchen. Carrington: A Life of Dora Carrington, 1893-1932. John Murray.
165, 275
She was pleased when she sold a painting for £5.8.0 in...
Textual Production Beryl Bainbridge
In Watson's Apology, published in November 1984, BB based a historical novel on actual documents dating from December 1844 to 1884, about events which took place at Stockwell in Surrey. Reciprocal hatred and...


May 1978: Virago Press issued its first Virago Modern...

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May 1978

Virago Press issued its first Virago Modern Classics, a historically important series most though not all of which were novels.

1984: The Authors' Foundation was set up to make...

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The Authors' Foundation was set up to make awards to writers: it marked the centenary of the Society of Authors and had help from the Royal Literary Fund ; it had Antonia Fraser and Michael Holroyd


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