Julia Strachey

Standard Name: Strachey, Julia
Birth Name: Julia Frances Strachey
JS published two novels and several pieces of short fiction during her lifetime, in the mid twentieth century. Frances Partridge writes in her introduction to JS 's memoir that when she died, after a long life centred on her vocation as a writer, it was many years since anything by her had seen the light.
Strachey, Julia, and Frances Partridge. Julia: A Portrait of Julia Strachey. Little, Brown.
This memoir, featuring previously unpublished creative pieces, was issued posthumously. JS 's work was praised by such contemporaries as Virginia Woolf , but has received little critical attention, either initially or recently.


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Family and Intimate relationships Rosamond Lehmann
While RL was pregnant with their child, and even after she gave birth, her husband Wogan Philipps continued his affair with Julia Strachey , which he had told Rosamond he had ended.
Siegel, Ruth. Rosamond Lehmann: A Thirties Writer. Peter Lang.
Family and Intimate relationships Ray Strachey
RS 's husband had a nine-year-old daughter, Julia , from a previous marriage. He had been working for the railways in India, but was often unemployed until the First World War, when he began work...
Family and Intimate relationships Dorothy Bussy
DB was a great-niece of the diarist and memoirist Elizabeth Grant (later Smith) . The writers Julia Strachey and Amabel Williams-Ellis , and painter Duncan Grant , all belonged to the same extended family.
Holroyd, Michael. Lytton Strachey: A Biography. Penguin.
248, 292, 373
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Grant
AG was distantly related to the diarist and memoirist Elizabeth Grant , and thus to the forebears of twentieth-century writers Julia Strachey , Lytton Strachey , Dorothy Bussy , and Amabel Williams-Ellis .
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Grant
EG 's great uncle Alexander Grant was a popular Episcopalian preacher and wrote Sermons on Various Subjects and Occasions, published in 1800 in Dundee. Her aunt Mary Gillies wrote for Howitt's Journal on...
Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
Since VW moved in a variety of social circles, her range of literary acquaintance was very wide. Her associates included such established, celebrated writers as Thomas Hardy and Henry James , popular authors such as...
Friends, Associates Dora Carrington
Guests here included some of the women who were to be closest to Carrington until her death: Dorelia John (wife of Augustus John , and now a neighbour), writer Rosamond Lehmann , and Julia Strachey
Literary responses Elizabeth Taylor
Julia Strachey and Pamela Hansford Johnson both slammed A Wreath of Roses.
Beauman, Nicola. The Other Elizabeth Taylor. Persephone Books.
ET herself felt that it expanded her range, but that the result was not successful: that she had produced a cold...
Literary responses Dora Carrington
Her intimate friend Julia Strachey once wrote of Carrington as a Modern Witch.
Hill, Jane, and Michael Holroyd. The Art of Dora Carrington. Herbert Press.
Perhaps the envelope of deafening guilt, which . . . surrounded her like a cloud of loudly buzzing mosquitoes wherever...
Publishing Kathleen Nott
In December 1967 she had been awarded an Arts Council grant of £1,200 (along with Jean Rhys , Christina Stead , Lettice Cooper , Julia Strachey , and others) to support her writing.
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
57121 (11 December 1967): 10
Textual Production Dora Carrington
Carrington also created portraits of, among many others, psychoanalyst Alix Sargent-Florence (later Strachey) , writer and model Julia Strachey (later Tomlin) , and E. M. Forster .
Gerzina, Gretchen. Carrington: A Life of Dora Carrington, 1893-1932. John Murray.
Holroyd, Michael, and Jane Hill. “Foreword”. The Art of Dora Carrington, Herbert Press, pp. 7-9.
Hill, Jane, and Michael Holroyd. The Art of Dora Carrington. Herbert Press.
Textual Production Dora Carrington
Carrington took on other work for the Press : she designed numerous paper book covers with linoleum cuts (because easier to work with and less expensive than wood); in 1921 she created the cover (with...
Textual Production Dora Carrington
Using colours inspired by his Crown Derby china, she painted George Dadie Rylands 's rooms at King's College, Cambridge that same year. She painted rooms for Dorelia John , Rosamond Lehmann , and Julia Strachey


1 January 1916: The British edition of Vogue (an American...

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1 January 1916

The British edition of Vogue (an American fashion magazine) began publishing from Condé Nast in Hanover Square, London.


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