Lettice Cooper

Standard Name: Cooper, Lettice
Birth Name: Lettice Ulpha Cooper
LC 's writing career spans both sides of the Second World War. Author of twenty novels which deal with human relationships as responsive to the social and cultural conditions of her day, many of them set in the north of England (as well as in Italy), she has generally been regarded as too serious a writer to be termed a regional novelist. She was also well-known as a writer of children's stories and of popular biographies, some of them aimed at a young adult readership.


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Friends, Associates Margaret Kennedy
Other women writers with whom MK established friendships included Lettice Cooper , Phyllis Bentley (who had also been at Cheltenham ), Marghanita Laski , Elizabeth Jenkins , and Rose Macaulay . These authors supported and...
Friends, Associates Marghanita Laski
ML was a friend of a number of other women writers (besides her fellow Charlotte Yonge enthusiasts Elizabeth Jenkins , Georgina Battiscombe , and Lettice Cooper ), notably Margaret Kennedy (whom her husband published) and Betty Miller .
Friends, Associates Ivy Compton-Burnett
After Jourdain's death, ICB 's circle of friends included George Furlong , Rex Brandreth , Barbara and Walter Robinson , Soame Jenyns , Elizabeth Taylor , Sonia Orwell (widow of the writer George Orwell), Australian-born...
Friends, Associates Pamela Frankau
PF became well known to many more in this and later literary generations, not a few of them through G. B. Stern: Lady Colefax , editor Sidney Dark , and novelist Louis Bromfield . During...
Leisure and Society Marghanita Laski
ML co-founded the Charlotte M. Yonge Society , along with friends and fellow writers and Yonge enthusiasts Elizabeth Jenkins , Georgina Battiscombe , and Lettice Cooper , among others.
Laski, Marghanita, and Georgina Battiscombe, editors. A Chaplet for Charlotte Yonge. Cresset Press.
11, 13
Literary responses Muriel Spark
British Book News noted approvingly MS 's exploitation here of her favourite vein: Comedy of a peculiar sharpness, enlivened with a touch of fantasy.
British Book News. British Council.
(1959): 151
Excellent reviews included one by the older writer Lettice Cooper .
Stannard, Martin. Muriel Spark. The Biography. Weidenfeld and Nicolson.
Publishing Kathleen Nott
In December 1967 she had been awarded an Arts Council grant of £1,200 (along with Jean Rhys , Christina Stead , Lettice Cooper , Julia Strachey , and others) to support her writing.
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
57121 (11 December 1967): 10
Publishing Ivy Compton-Burnett
Rose Macaulay had brought ICB to Gollancz's notice. He was known for unconventional and forceful advertising. He sold Daughters and Sons to the US publisher W. W. Norton , though it was far outside their...
Reception Charlotte Yonge
E. M. Delafield writes that during the 1940s CY retained wide popularity: that the London Library 's copies of her books were often checked out by readers, and that when Delafield wrote to the Times...
Textual Features Maureen Duffy
Dates given to poems in the volume range from August 1970 to December 1978.
Duffy, Maureen. Memorials of the Quick and the Dead. Hamish Hamilton.
64, 85
Many handle the world's headline griefs; many record the tiny deaths of animals. The opening poem, Memorials of the...
Textual Production Storm Jameson
Jameson had been approached by the Ministry of Information once the USA had entered World War II, for suggestions on how to cement Anglo-American relations.
Jameson, Storm. Journey from the North. Harper and Row.
The resulting volume includes work by Phyllis Bentley ,...
Textual Production Elizabeth Jenkins
EJ contributed an introduction to a volume, the seventh in John Lehmann 's The Chiltern Library, published in 1947 and containing two titles by Elizabeth Gaskell . In her introduction to Thackeray 's Vanity...
Textual Production Margaret Kennedy
At Lettice Cooper 's invitation, MK gave a lecture to the Leeds Branch of the English Association .
Powell, Violet. The Constant Novelist. W. Heinemann.
Textual Production Margaret Kennedy
Other notable women authors also contributed to this series, including three of MK 's writing friends: Lettice Cooper , Elizabeth Jenkins , and Marghanita Laski .
Powell, Violet. The Constant Novelist. W. Heinemann.
Textual Production Marghanita Laski
Other contributors to the volume included Lettice Cooper , Elizabeth Jenkins , Margaret Kennedy , and Katharine Briggs .


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