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Family and Intimate relationships Marghanita Laski
The political theorist Harold Laski was ML 's uncle. Laski, a professor at the London School of Economics, was the best-known socialist intellectual of his era. His books on the Second World War, the...
Friends, Associates Amabel Williams-Ellis
Her political activities kept AWE at the centre of London's socially-conscious literary circles. Guests at The Well of Loneliness tea-party included Virginia Woolf , Rose Macaulay , Vita Sackville-West , G. B. Shaw , and...
politics Amabel Williams-Ellis
When Victor Gollancz , John Strachey , and Harold Laski founded the Left Book Club (for the distribution and discussion of radical texts on socialism, fascism, and war) AWE was an early member.
Williams-Ellis, Amabel. All Stracheys Are Cousins. Weidenfeld and Nicolson.
Laity, Paul, editor. Left Book Club Anthology. Victor Gollancz.
politics Valentine Ackland
With Warner, Ackland was a member of publisher Victor Gollancz 's Left Book Club . Her connection with the Left Review brought her into contact with intellectuals such as Edgell Rickword and his wife Johnnie
politics Pamela Hansford Johnson
During the 1930s PHJ was involved with left-wing politics. She was, she said, awakened to the reality of Nazism in 1934,
Johnson, Pamela Hansford. Important to Me. Macmillan; Scribner.
by a Time magazine photograph of a girl in a concentration camp. She...
politics Doris Lessing
Meanwhile her marriage to Gottfried Lessing , a communist activist and leading figure in the Left Book Club , first attracted the attention of MI5 , which was to follow Doris for twenty years, listening...
politics Sylvia Townsend Warner
Warner and Ackland were members of publisher Victor Gollancz 's Left Book Club , and wrote assiduously for left-wing papers and magazines. (After the second world war, however, Ackland developed divergent and comparatively right-wing views.)...
Publishing Beatrice Webb
This was their last major work. In the original year of publication a separate, limited edition was printed for the subscribing members of the National Association of Local Government Officials . A second edition published...
Textual Production Eleanor Rathbone
ER 's short political treatise War Can Be Averted: The Achievability of Collective Security (Left Book Club ) argued for collective security organized by the League of Nations , and against either appeasement, non-intervention, or disarmament.
Stobaugh, Beverly. Women and Parliament, 1918-1970. Exposition Press.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. http://www.oxforddnb.com/.
Textual Production Amber Reeves
AR published under her married name of Amber Blanco White a monograph entitled The New Propaganda, through Victor Gollancz for the Left Book Club .
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16 January 1929: The Listener began publication; it has been...

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16 January 1929

The Listener began publication; it has been said that it did more for the new 'thirties poetry in Britain than any of the specialized poetry magazines.

February 1936: The awesome trio of political theorist Harold...

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February 1936

The awesome trio
Laity, Paul. “The left’s ace of clubs”. Guardian Unlimited.
of political theorist Harold Laski , publisher Victor Gollancz , and writer and Labour MP John Strachey established the Left Book Club (LBC) .

5 October-1 November 1936: Ellen Wilkinson (nicknamed Red Ellen), Member...

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5 October-1 November 1936

Ellen Wilkinson (nicknamed Red Ellen), Member of Parliament for the shipbuilding town of Jarrow, led two hundred unemployed men on a Hunger March from their hometown to London.

1937: The Reader's Union was established....

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The Reader's Union was established.


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