Eva Figes

Standard Name: Figes, Eva
Birth Name: Eva Unger
Married Name: Eva Figes
EF , a seriously experimental novelist, also published short stories, children's books, literary criticism, social commentary, and translations, especially of French and German fiction.


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Anthologization Ann Quin
AQ published a handful of short stories and articles in various journals, including Nova, the London Magazine, transatlantic review, and Antigonish Review.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Sewell, Brocard, and Colin Wilson. Like Black Swans: Some People and Themes. Tabb House.
In the mid-sixties she told her publisher,...
Intertextuality and Influence Anne Manning
This book brought AM great success, and she continued throughout her career to identify herself as its author. Henry Fothergill Chorley , reviewing it for the Athenæum two years after publication, said mutedly that it...
Literary responses Sara Maitland
Several recent feminist critics have linked SM with other well-known literary names of the twentieth century: Caroline Guerin considered her alongside Iris Murdoch in Literature and Theology: An International Journal of Theory, Criticism and Culture...
politics John Milton
This is an argument which defends Milton's behaviour, and later Milton critics have offered different defences of him in the light of different ideas about what constitutes good behaviour in matters of gender. Meanwhile a...
Textual Features Caryl Churchill
Influenced by Joe Orton 's Entertaining Mr. Sloane and Eva Figes ' Patriarchal Attitudes, the play has been read as critiquing the destructive effects of private property.
Kritzer, Amelia Howe. The Plays of Caryl Churchill: Theatre of Empowerment. Macmillan.
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Its protagonist, Marion, is a...
Textual Features Anne Manning
A recent critic, pointing to the theological correctness of the way the fictional Askew accepts her burden of martyrdom, classes this work with other sectarian, Protestant Reformation novels.
Burstein, Miriam Elizabeth. “Reviving the Reformation: Victorian women writers and the Protestant historical novel”. Women’s Writing, Vol.
, No. 1, pp. 73-83.
It is nevertheless also true...
Textual Features Michelene Wandor


June 1972: Spare Rib, a feminist periodical issued monthly...

Women writers item

June 1972

Spare Rib, a feminist periodical issued monthly by Spare Ribs from 27 Clerkenwell Close, London, was launched to put women's liberation on the news stands.
Doughan, David, and Denise Sanchez. Feminist Periodicals, 1855-1984. Harvester Press.

By early November 1973: Experimental novelist B. S. Johnson prefaced...

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By early November 1973

Experimental novelist B. S. Johnson prefaced his short-story volume Aren't You Rather Young To Be Writing Your Memoirs? with a polemical critique listing only sixteen serious contemporary British writers.

4 December 2008: Investigators from the office of the Russian...

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4 December 2008

Investigators from the office of the Russian general prosecutor confiscated hard drives containing the archives compiled by the human rights and research centre Memorial , housed at St Petersburg.


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