Anna Kingsford

Standard Name: Kingsford, Anna
Birth Name: Annie Bonus
Indexed Name: Annie Bonus Kingsford
Indexed Name: A. B. Kingsford
Indexed Name: AB Kingsford
Married Name: Mrs Algernon Kingsford
Self-constructed Name: Anna
Pseudonym: Ninon Kingsford
Pseudonym: Colossa
Self-constructed Name: Mary Magdalen
Self-constructed Name: Mary Magdalen Maria Johanna
Anna Kingsford , described by W. T. Stead as one of the most interesting and fascinating of the women of the Victorian era,
Review of Reviews.
13 (January 1896): 75
was a successful physician, religious leader, and woman of letters, with a remarkable breadth of achievement in medicine, the arts, and religion. She wrote often controversially on a wide range of topics, including anti-vivisection, vegetarianism, and women's suffrage; several of her works reflect her religious beliefs. A compelling writer and charismatic speaker, AK was prolific at a young age, published her first novel in her teens, and became editor of a progressive journal, The Lady's Own Paper. She was President of the Theosophical Society , founded the Hermetic Society , and conducted lecture tours with both religious and scientific content. She remains a popular figure in several alternative religious movements, though her broader social contributions are largely forgotten.


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